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Adding 2nd SVS. Speaker placement problem? (1 Viewer)

Derrik Draven

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Dec 7, 1998
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I've read here and there that placing the 2 subs in the same corner would be optimum.

...but I can't do that.

Due to the room I have and the way the doors are arranged, (12w x 33l x 8h) I'm going to have 1 16-46pc in the front left corner, near the front left main and, the other SVS in the right front corner, near the right main. TV and center channel in the middle.

Both are sealed corners, meaning there are no openings nearby to affect the subs.

My equipment rack is going to be about 20 feet from the left main and sub, and it will be about 30 feet from the right main and sub.

How big a deal is phase relationship going to be if I use the same subs, both in near identical corners? Is the distance going to come into play?

I've also thought about getting a pc+ instead of another pc but, I was a little worried that with 2 different subs with 2 very different capabilites, that the phase would have to be absolutely perfect or else there would be so much cancelling out each other that I'd be better off with 1 sub.

Wouldn't phase be less of a problem with 2 identical subs?

Is 1 16-46pc+ more powerful than 2 16-46pc's???

Any help is appreciated. I'm getting close to finishing my new home theater room. The addition of a 2nd SVS is one of the last things left to do.

steve nn

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Jan 12, 2002
I think you will find that everything comes into play Derrik. There is no "one answer fits all" to your question on phase. There are mathematical equations to answer your question on phase but it would be way beyond my capability and would require allot of input. Distances will come into play. All HT rooms react differently so I'm afraid the answer lies with you trying it out and tweaking until you come up with your answer? You never know where that second sub could find itself?;) How about stacked? I have seen it done.
From what I understand the one PC+ would equal two PCI's in the lower freq? 20-30 freq range.> +5 +6 db over a single PCI.
If it were me I would stay with the same like sub. One consideration possibly if your into HT big time is to sell the PCI (easy to sell) and go with the duel PC+ configuration.
if the subs will be within 5-6' of each other. It also might just be best to run one PC+. :confused: Again >So much comes into play that only you will be able to answer.
If you are just trying to fill a null, then the separate locations will be very effective. The phase setting on your sub can and will be a help but might--probably not be enough to cancel out all cancellations. Well I gave it a try.......GOOD LUCK.

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