Added first blu ray to xbmc, and it behaves differently than dvd's

Discussion in 'DVD' started by TanyaAReeves, Jul 3, 2014.

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    Tanya Reeves
    After ripping about 300 of my dvd's into xbmc and getting great results, I decided to try ripping my first bluray.

    I used dvdfab to rip the disc to a folder.

    Then used media center master to create the info files and gather art assets.

    The movie appears just fine in the menu, and after the first time I launched it the logos for 1080, VC-1, and all that appeared alongside the movie info.

    What is odd though, is when I hit enter to start the movie, it brings up a menu and asks me if I want to (this may not be exact wording, I am working from memory):
    Play the main movie
    Play the main menu
    Or a third option that is something about titles.

    Did I do something wrong here? I'd like it to just start and go to the titles main menu like the rest of my collection. Is there a way to set that as a default? Should I have ripped it differently? Thanks for the help. I'm on Frodo RC3 a/ Win 7 x64.

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    Perhaps try ripping it as an ISO file, that should work, what was the movie. ?

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