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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Richard Ringenbach, May 2, 2008.

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    I have an Onkyo NR-905 receiver which decodes all the audio formates. This unit was doing a perfectly fine job and sounds great until I purchased AVP Requiem and The Golden Compass which,I'm guessing at the layer change during the movie, produced an extremely loud pop in the rear channel which sounded like a cannon going off. I thought I blew a speaker at first and I wasn't playing the movie at a high volume. My complaint is when the studios are making these disks put extras which aren't in the movie on a separate disk or make sure that these added features arent going to interfere with the audio or video in the movie possibly ruining my equipment. Don't the studios check these possibilities before proceeding to manufacture the disks. I, myself,buy blu-ray disks to get the ultimate sound and picture of the movie,not to see extras which are not in the movie itself. I don't think the AV manufacturer should have to make firmware updates every time a studio decides to put unnecessary features on the disk that contains the movie.I am sure that the studio wouldn't want to be held responsible for damages to someones equipment. My thought is, it is the studios responsibility to check into what consequences their additions have before making these additions. Please put the additions on another disk and save a lot headaches for everyone concerned.

    Thank you !
    Richard Ringenbach
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    Richard, read this thread (and the link in that thread also):

    You´ll need a firmware update to your Onkyo (should be available). I assume you use "bitstream" from your player and listened DTS-HD MA-tracks (since you got the audio "pop")?

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