Adam-12's pilot episode question

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    I was going through Ebay one day, when I found a call sheet for a filming day of an Adam-12 episode. It was for the 1967 pilot episode (better known by its alternate title "Log 1: The Impossible Mission"). Full details right here: Notice it lists William Boyett's character as "Sgt Wilson" (instead of Sgt. MacDonald) and Ed Deemer's character as "Fineberg" (instead of Bill James). Also, Gene Boland is listed as "NEW". What could all of this be about? Can any Adam-12 fans here, such as Jack P, please shed some light on this?
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    I have no knowledge of this particular situation (so take this worth a grain of salt) but I'd guess that the characters had different names in the pilot from what they were eventually called in the series. Or maybe there was a last minute change from what was scripted (and hence what was on the call sheet) and what was filmed.

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