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Jul 26, 2002
OK folks. I need some feedback on an upgrade I’m looking at.

I’m currently running a set of PSB speakers (5T’s, 9C, 2B’s) with a Denon 80W 5.1 receiver (it’s been great). I have a chance to pick up some Acurus separates as follows:

ACT/3 Pre-processor (5.1ch)
A100x3 amp (100W x 3)
A100 amp (100 x 2)

Total cost $700

Any info or feedback you can give regarding these amps or this Pre-pro would be appreciated. I seem to get a little “anal” when it comes to culling info on my HT pieces/parts. These amps aren’t very heavy (the 3x is only 29lbs), but I hear that they pack a pretty good punch.


Jan 21, 2000

I know I am late to the party on your post...anyway. I have currently have Acurus ACT-3 w/ABM. I also run PSB Silveri's. I use a Acurus 125x5. I use to run Century 600i's before getting the Silvers. I upgraded to the Acurus about 5 years ago from a Denon AVR-2800. I was very pleased with the upgrade.

I really like the Acurus equipment. I think that it really excels in two channel stereo reproduction. It also does a good job on home theater but it does not have all the bells and whistles of the new units (doesn't bother me). The Advanced Base Management is a very nice upgrade over the non-advanced management also. It allows you to adjust the cross overs for base on the various speakers. Another feature I like about the ACT-3 is that it allows you to set different settings for different input devices. For example on stereo reproduction I send the full signal to the Silver's with no sub, but on HT/DVD input I have a sub with the cross overs set to my listing preference.

The Acurus Amps are accurate and will drive just about any speaker. They will have no problem with your PSB's. I would not consider the amps warm sounding more accurate and sterile but not harsh by any means. Base extension is good but the best.

The biggest complaint I have with the set up is the remote. While is functional it confusing with with many of the buttons of the same shape and size. I have also lost some lights in the display of the ACT-3.

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