Active equalization?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Chuck Bogie, Apr 27, 2006.

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    I impulse purchased a Behringer FBQ3102 the other day... Main benefit is that it's going let me cross my mains to a pair of subs (in addition to the LFE subs), while running them large. So I've got the benefit of treating the speaks like "large" speaks, while not having to worry about overexcursing them... Time to turn up the Who...

    I didn't really deviate from "the line" too far up or down when I ran through the freqs... May tune it a bit more, but hey...

    So, anywho, would there be any benefits to emphasizing/deemphasizing certain freqs for surround speaks? Seems like a bit more room tweakage could be possible, without ordering new furniture.

    System is a Sony SACD/DVD into a Denon 2803, into (fronts) the eq and a Crown XLS402; (center) Hafler DH225, (sides) Hafler DH-500, (backs) Hafler DH-500, and subs (Crown XLS602 (hey, it was on sale). Going to go back to using a pair of Hafler P230s for the mains (350 into 8 ohms) and use the XLS402 to run the main "superwoofs." (not really thinking of them as subs - may try a pair of Dayton Q15s, crossed at about 60-80hz, or may try several 10" drivers).
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    If the surrounds are identical to the fronts, then they can benefit from the same EQ the fronts might need. If they aren’t different, you’d have to plot their response to know.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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