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Acoustic isolation in apt. bedroom HT (1 Viewer)


Second Unit
Jul 31, 2000

I am going to set up a nice little HT room in my apartment when I move in on August 1.

The room is approximately 10 x 10 x 8 ft high. There is a closet that is approximately 7 feet wide that I will use for my computer armoire (if it fits - if not, custom shelving will be installed) and for my HT rack, DVD's, CD's, etc.

I know it is a small room, but I think if I'm very careful, I can make it look good and sound good.

Down the road I will be installing a Front Projector, probably the 2HD, and having about a 70 to 80" screen. Whatever fits properly. It will be 5.1.

My biggest worry right now however is how to isolate the sound from the HT room to the people in the apartment below.

I am on the top floor, to there are no problems to people above.

The HT room is the second bedroom, right between the master bedroom and the living room. (No, the living room can't have the HT).

I've heard about "stands" for the woofer, and isolation pads for my stand mounted mains, but what can I do on the floor (or anywhere else for that matter) to isolate the sound to the especially the bedrooms below and the living room as well. The apartment below is in exactly the same configuration.

It is a brand new building and the floor currently has a medium density, medium pile carpet. The floors between the storeys are joists covered by plywood, and then a half-in or so of come kind of concrete compound.

So, any ideas? Hanging the mains from arms on the wall? Hanging my dipole sides with some sort of acoustic insulation squished in behind them on the side walls? I've already looked into having the sub on an "amp" platform.

I can get away with lining the walls with something - they are totally sheetrock now. Would, say, a half lower wall of some sort of acoustic material help with sound tranference to the floor below.

Any and all ideas would be appreciated!


Greg :)


Senior HTF Member
Dec 17, 2003
Treating the room acoustically will help indirectly. While it will not stop the sound from transferring to the apartment below it will likely improve the clarity so that you will not desire to turn the volume up as lound and thereby reducing sound transferred to other apartments. Definitely try to get all of your speakers off the ground if possible . . . especially the speakers that produce lower frequencies (sub and/or large mains).

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