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Jul 26, 2001
For me reviewing a speaker is much more than just reviewing how it performs in terms of audio. For me customer service is big. So, I thought I would would begin my review describing how ACI has treated me as a customer.

I was initially looking at Vandersteens and Von Schweikerts. I had sold my Jaguar / Titan combo, because my audio room was moving from a room we now needed for a bed room. Audio will now be in the living room. My wife does not want separate subs in ther LR. I listened to the Vandy 3A-signatures and the VS VR4 Jrs. They are both wonderful speakers, and I highly recommend them. They just were not what I was looking for.

Since I liked my Jags I called ACI to see if they had any model that didn't have separate subs. I spoke with Mike (the owner). He remembered me from my first purchase. I discovered that the Jags now come with LFM's and separate subs are no longer required.

Mike cut me a great deal on the Jag / LFM's. He was leaving on vacation and said they would ship in a week or so. After 2 weeks I called ACI to see where the order stood. They apologized profusely and indicated that due to the summer sales they were a little behind. That was fine with me.

Today I received a call from Mike himself. It was his first day back from vacation. He noticed that my Jags had not shipped. He said that in order to cut time to delivery, and since I live fairly closely to ACI, they were going to deliver them personally this week.

So for my intial post I give ACI an A+++++ (10 out or 10) in customer service. They are freindly on the phone and take their obligation to their customers very seriously.

I will continue to post my findings on this thread as I review them during break in.

Evan S

Senior HTF Member
Nov 21, 2001
I have an all ACI setup (Titan II, Sapphires, Essence and two sets of Emeralds) and my experience with their customer service is everything you describe and more. You really cannot go wrong dealing with this company.

Mike Dzurko

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 11, 2000

I helped Ross load the Cherokee yesterday. You should see him and your new system in around four hours. Fun weekend ahead! Thanks again :)

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