ACI Jaguar / LFM Mini-review

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by EricKH, Jul 28, 2004.

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    As the speakers break in, I thought it was time to post some initial impressions:

    My gear is:

    Amp: Bryston 4BSST
    Preamp: Bryston BP-20
    CDP: Arcam FMJ-23T
    Interconnects: Audience AU24 Single Ended
    Power Cords: TG Audio SLVR
    Isolation: Symposium Svelte Shelf and Roller Balls under CDP and

    In terms of looks, the speakers are gorgeous. The LFM's weigh in at near 140 pounds each and the jags are near 60 I believe. They are built like tanks and are very inert.

    The speakers image wonderfully. The sound stage is wide and deep. The powered LFM's make the bass tight, and there is tonality to things like kick drums.

    The speakers offer greater detail than I have previously heard, but the detail is always in the context of musicality. They are not clinical by any means. You notice you are hearing more, but it doesn't get in the way of the music.

    The tonality is awesome. You get the right blend of chest and voice in vocals. You hear just the right amount of bite on strings. There is good separation on instruments in ochestral works.

    Mike's customer service is second to none. He and Klaus Bunge are champs in this area. Mike has sent me emails since receiving the Jags to make sure I am happy.

    I just wanted to get this mini-review out. As the speakers break in, I will post more
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    Thanks for the review. I know a guy who has heard lots of high end ($10,000+) speakers and said the ACI Talisman is the best he's ever heard. I bet the Jaguar/LFM is just sweet.
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    Hi, New to the site. I have owned the jaguar/lfm spkrs and have been relatively

    happy with them. My reason for this reply is to warn any one who has the lfm

    base modules that you pull the woofers and modify the resistor networks. These speakers

    will burn your house down. Mine were sitting there idle and developed a malfunction

    in one. within less tham a minute it was ready to torch. I have pictures.

    The way they mounted big power resistors was redicules. they are glued directly

    to a fiber board. Big no no. I will be taking the good one apart and redoing the networks

    in that one. Im sure the board is heat stressed. DO NOT DELAY!!! IT IS A DESIGN FLAW


    Regards Greg858

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