Accessories #1 and #2 are???

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  1. Jim_Stu

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    Dec 27, 2001
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    Was I ever embarrassed! I thought I had my HT

    running well, considering the room its

    located in. Well the Radio Shack sound pressure level

    meter and the Avia DVD proved me to be very wrong.

    _My sub set way too loud.

    _I improved the mains placement.

    _My center channel was out of phase with the mains.

    Therefore, I would like to vote the Avia DVD as the

    first accessory to buy for your HT, and the RS SPL

    meter as #2.

    Any other 'tools' that should get votes?

  2. Ted Lee

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    May 8, 2001
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    this may get bumped to polls. anyway...
    my number one recommendation has got to be speaker stands. of all the tweaks i've tried that easily made the most impact on my sound.
    amazing what'll happen if you get those speakers off the floor... [​IMG]
    second would be decent cabling and interconnects. i'm not saying buy the super-expensive stuff...i use rat-shack, AR and monster.
  3. Bob McElfresh

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    May 22, 1999
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    Dual Banana Plugs: I really like the Dual Banana plugs (MegaCable) from Radio Shack. They make it easy to connect 12 ga wire without stripping off strands of copper and it's easy to do a neat/safe job. The strong spacer bar helps prevents shorts if a kid/dog trips over the wire and pulls the plugs out while the power is on.
    They also make a 2-piece banana for behind the receiver as the dual plugs stick out nearly 3 inches.
    Laser Pointer: An inexpensive, pen-style laser pointer is another nice tool to have while playing with speaker angles/toe-in. Just make sure to roll the pointer across a table and make sure the beam moves back and forth smoothly without making circles. This is to make sure the beam is aligned with the pen body. Then you can just hold it along side most speakers to "see" where they are pointing.
    One for All 7-in-1 remote: This is a fantastic $20 universal remote that has macros and can learn command from other remotes.
  4. Kevin Simon

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    Dec 23, 2001
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    Speaking of speaker stands...Can you recommend a good pair in the 4'-5' height range. I have CSW 5.1 surrounds, that I will use the stands for. The stands will be on plush carpet, and I will move them from the storage area (behind the listeners) to an area beside the listeners when playing DVD...Thus, they should be weighted, but I won't use the spikes commonly in the bottom.
    My speakers have the standard screw hole behind them, and weigh ~8lbs. Here is a link:

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