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    I have purchsed an Onkyo-797 Receiver, and along with a DVD player I have a Pioneer CLD-604 Laser Disc Player. I want to connect the AC3 out to my receiver, but was told I need a demodulator. Supposedly, only specific receivers don't need that. I was told to search on the web to find one.

    Any ideas where I can find a demodulator and about how much it will cost?

    Thanks alot. JoeRas
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    Most cos. have stopped making them. The used market such as the "Hardware for Sale" section here or Ebay (do a search under 'Home Audio/Video of RF Demodulator but be careful not to confuse it with a modulator) as well as similar sites are good sources. The cost for a used one may vary with the model. I would guess that most will go for the $150-200 price range and model like the Lexicon for roughly double that. When I get around to inventory stuff laying around that I am not using in about two weeks, I will likely have an extra one to sell if you can't find one.

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