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Matt Hollifield

Jul 21, 2016
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Matt Hollifield
so glad I found this site! Hopefully some of you all can help me out with some setup questions I have. I'll list my current pieces first and then get to the questions.

Optoma HD142X
Pioneer VSX-531-K
Klipsch HDT-600

All are brand new in box.

We are moving into our new house next tuesday and I finally have room to dive into a beginner home theater setup.

my downstairs man cave/den is separated into two equal open rooms by a hallway. The right side has Windows on one wall(13ft) and the left side has a door. I'll be using the right side. The dimensions of the wall for the screen is 107 inches wide and is 13ft exactly across from the wall the projector would be mounted on.

I cant mount the projector on the ceiling due to a fan, but removal of the fan won't happen until later down the road, so it'll be mounted on the wall behind the couch.

What's the optimal height to have the projector mounted at?

What's the optimal distance between walls? I have been looking at a 120" drop down screen, but unsure if the distance I have is sufficient or not.

Also, is it better to mount the speakers on stands or mount them on a wall? I have an electrician that will be helping with the install who is a close friend, so I'm not on my own on this haha

Thanks in advance for any help/comments/suggestions



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Mar 26, 2014
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Hello Matt Welcome to the forum :welcome: Hopefully we can help you out with your questions.

I'm not a projector guy so that help will have to come from someone else. It seems like your only sound question is about using stand or wall mounting speakers. In looking at your speakers they seem to be a small sat/sub setup. These can be either mounted on stand or wall mounted. The higher that you mount them the more you're going to want to tilt them down toward the main listening area so make sure your mounts have tilt adjustment. Having them fire straight out with no tilt toward the listening area is going to make is sound crappy especially if you have high ceilings.

Using stands is always a good option, I'm a big fan of them. The problem is getting a set that will go high enough to get them up where they need to as there isn't much speaker there to work with. As a general rule of thumb you want the tweeter to be at or about ear level when in the seated position. Having them a bit higher is fine depending on the height of the TV/Screen. You won't want all the sound coming from the bottom corners of the screen. Taking this into account it might be better to wall mount halfway up the screen or so. You can always setup something as a temporary test to see what would sound the best with what you have and the room you're putting them in. If you decide on stand think about which ones to buy. There are two "types" one that holds the speaker up from the bottom and another that screws into the back with a screw or keyhole. The latter are stands designed for smaller sats like you have and will be lighter and thinner as they aren't meant for heavy weight. The other type will be a stand with a platform that can hold a larger speaker. While not as attractive with a sat they can be used for larger speakers when you upgrade.

If you have questions please feel free to ask.

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