? about hooking up satellite receiver, cable box, VCR, and a/v receiver

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    My system is completely hooked up except for the cable box and VCR. I will be using both cable and satellite and would like the option to be able to record from both. Currently the satellite is hooked up to the a/v receiver and the TV. My question is how do I hook up the cable box in this configuration as well as the VCR. The instructions for the a/v receiver conflict with the instructions for the satellite receiver. My equipment is:

    TV - Sony 32xbr450

    SAT - Sony SAT-A55

    VCR - Panasonic something (It has two sets of composites, in and out, and then of course the coaxial in and out)

    A/V receiver - Denon AVR-2802

    Cable Box - can't remember (I'm at work, but I do know that it has every kind of input/output needed)

    I would rather if the satellite and cable signals go through the VCR so that I don't have to have the a/v receiver on while recording.

    Any help would be appreciated!
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    Hi Tara. Welcome to HTF! [​IMG]
    To setup the VCR to record from either source:
    Well, I would run Video/L/R audio cables from one, and regular CATV coax from the other.
    Now you have do decide do you use 3 cables from the CATV box or the DSS box.
    Since you want these 2 things to also connect to your receiver, pick the unit that has extra Composite/L/R outputs. Run cables from this to the VCR. Then run CATV coax from the other box to the CATV input on the VCR.
    Hope this helps.

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