ABC's broadcast of Pearl Harbor seemed cut-up

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Nelson Au, May 1, 2006.

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    I don't watch movies on TV much anymore. I can just pop in the DVD instead like most here do. When Pearl Harbor was broadcast the other night, I happen to have the TV on in my home office as I was working on a project on the computer. As it played, I noticed that the movie seemed to be moving a lot faster then it originally does. Obviously, objectional material was removed. But I noticed little snippets of scenes were removed too. Ironic, for such a long movie was hacked up, it still played for 3 hours. It's not like I am a fan of this movie, but I happen to see most of it recently, so I noticed it.

    Is this common practive now, removing not just swear words or blood and gore, but many little scenes to jam more commercials in? When they played The Ten Commandments recently, I did synch it up with the DVD because I was curious how the broadcast version looked to a DVD on my new HDTV. The didn't appear to cut that film at all. Of course that's a classic.
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    They've been cutting for time for ages- back in the 80s when NBC ran "The Sound Of Music" every year they'd cut and shorten a lot of the songs since the movie ran a couple minutes under 3 hours, and they had exactly 3 hours to show it with commercial breaks. I watched "A Boy Named Charlie Brown" every year on CBS and it seemed like they'd keep cutting a little more out of that each time, until the last time they ran it barely half the movie was left. Just another reason to lament the demise of independent stations; channel 40 over here would just let the news start 10-20 minutes late if the movies ran long. Of course with DVD I guess even those stations aren't really needed anymore.
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    for this movie, they should've cut the beginning, the end and leave the middle where the attack is [​IMG].

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