Abbott and Costello Volume One

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Joe Karlosi, Feb 7, 2004.

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    I just got the new set and so far have watched ONE NIGHT IN THE TROPICS and BUCK PRIVATES. I must say I'm very pleased so far. I picked this up for only $19.99, and that's for EIGHT films! I recall buying early Image discs for $30.00 back in 1997.

    One thing I wanted to bring up was that BUCK PRIVATES, at least to my eyes, appears to be nicer looking than I've ever seen it before. Previous transfers weren't as crisp. At the end credits I noticed this print said "A Realart Re-Release" -- so I'm wondering if someone could check to see if this is indeed a "new" print, or did it exist on earlier videos? Because if Universal did in fact bother to get nicer quality out of this film, there may be a chance that some of those Universal Monsters will be improved (hopefully beginning with BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN)....
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    I had all the video editions of this film....tape, laser and DVD. They all were pretty muddy and dupey looking. Back when AMC was still AMC, they showed a newer master and it was terrific, but was never put on video.

    I am probably getting this mixed up, but I believe the earlier videos were from a rerelease of the film that either had Universal removed from the opening newsreel or something like that. The latest version shown on AMC went back to the original credits and opening. I hope the Realart End Credit doesn't mean the opening of the film is still the rerelease version!

    Until this disc arrives, I now only have the "taped from AMC" edition.

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