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Nov 1, 2017
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Abbey Road Studios Installs DTS:X Mixing Tools

DTS has announced that London's Abbey Road Studios, perhaps best known as the recording venue for The Beatles' The White Album and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, has added DTS:X mixing tools to its state-of-the-art Mix Stage facility. The installation is now fully operational and available for professional content creators to mix both feature films and music in immersive DTS audio formats. The complete DTS:X chain means that the iconic facility will be able to mix and encode home entertainment content for UHD Blu-ray releases and multi-channel music recordings.

“Since 1931, Abbey Road Studios has been technically ahead of the curve. Not only did The Beatles record their iconic albums at Abbey Road, but Pink Floyd, Kanye West, Ed Sheeran and so many more artists have recorded in the studios,” said Bill Neighbors, general manager of cinema, digital media and streaming solutions at Xperi. “DTS is proud to be integrated into this world-renowned mixing studio and provide a comprehensive software solution for content creators.”


Abbey Road Studios’ new Mix Stage now features a complete DTS:X chain for all immersive audio formats. Professionals can record a film’s music, create the immersive audio mix and encode it into DTS:X for cinema; create the immersive near-field mix and encode it into DTS:X for home entertainment content; and encode it into DTS Headphone:X for mobile applications.

“We are excited to have DTS:X mixing tools a part of our facility and provide our customers with the latest tools to create and deliver compelling immersive audio experiences,” said Fiona Gillott, Studios Manager, Abbey Road Studios. “As a one-stop shop for all DTS:X services, the mixing suite ensures an efficient, reliable and consistent production workflow.”



The mixing tools from DTS which are now available at Abbey Road Studios include the following:

MDA Tools: To create object-based, immersive content with highly efficient and flexible solutions for modern, professional audio content production needs. MDA Tools feature full DTS:X ecosystem support and are based on MDA, a royalty-free, open standard audio technology.

DTS:X Encoder Suite: Ability to encode, modify and verify audio bitstreams prior to multiplexing and authoring. Supporting up to 11.1-channel and object-based encoding of DTS:X for Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray and other premium digital media formats, the DTS:X Encoder Suite provides a critical link in delivering immersive audio content for the consumer market.

DTS Headphone:X Monitor – Home Video: Mixing immersive content without height speakers, whether mixing in or delivering an immersive audio experience for headphones. This can be combined with with MDA Creator to create DTS Headphone:X content for Ultra HD Blu-ray and Blu-ray.
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