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Feb 20, 2003
I have two A/V receivers. I prefer the sound of one for two channel stereo and the other for home theater. Can I connect these two receivers together using one set of speakers? If so, how? Step by step instructions are appreciated. Thank you.

Wayne A. Pflughaupt

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Aug 5, 1999
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There are a couple of ways to do this, but both will have compromises.

Send the left and right pre-outs of the home theater receiver to an input of the music receiver. The left and right front speakers would connect to the music receiver.

The compromises with this arrangement:
  • It is based on the assumption that it is the sound of the amp you like, and the pre-amp is not contributing.
  • It requires that the amp for music would also be doing duty for home theater.
  • You will have to factor the music receiver’s volume control setting. Anytime it is changed, it will upset the balance between the main left/right speakers relative to the rear and center home theater speakers.
The only other way I know to accomplish this is with a speaker selector switch from Radio Shack. This gizmo is designed to allow more than one pair of speakers to be connected to a single amp. You can adapt it to your situation by connecting it in backwards – that is, the two receivers would connect to the terminals labeled “Speaker.”

The compromises with this arrangement:
  • These switchers typically have resistors on-line to maintain the correct load to an amplifier. Therefore your signal path will not be as clean as it would if the speakers were connected directly to the amp.
  • Since the switcher is designed to allow two or more pairs of speakers to run simultaneously, it can be risky to use for your application. The problem is that if you are not careful, you could easily have both receivers connected to the speakers at the same time, thereby making a direct path from one receiver’s speaker connections to the other. This can damage an amplifier.
Wayne A. Pflughaupt

John A. Casler

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Apr 29, 1999
Step by step:

1) Take the music receiver (as a preamp) and plug the "analog" outputs of your DVD and or CD player into to it
2) Run your speaker cable to your speakers from this receiver.
3) run the L&R preamp outs from your HT Receiver to the "aux" L&R inputs of the Preamp receiver
4) Run the "digital" outputs of your DVD and CD player to the HT receiver (I suggest useing optical so there is no electical routing, just as a precaution)
5) Set the preamp volume control to a level just slightly higher than what you would ever run it for music and then run the speaker level test tones and adjust all speakers to the desired levels. Make sure and remember the volume level you need to preset the preamp reciever for.

Voila you are all set.

Now you have an "analog" music system which can be played seperatly and all you have to do to bring in the HT is switch the pream receiver to "aux".

CAUTION: before changing any inputs reduce "BOTH" volume controls as a precaution.

Also the neat thing is that if you have a sub and the HT reciver has bass managment, you can bring in the sub by selecting "two channel or stereo" on the HT receiver and that should just provide volume for the sub.

That should allow you to "add" it in in the quantity and crosover needed.

Good luck

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