A tricky question, I think

chris bruce

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Jun 27, 2004
I just bought a monster power surge protector(MPHTS1000MKII). It says the total of watts to be connected to this is 1800 watts. I have 2 svs pb12-plus/2's which they have 900 watt amp in each of them. And I have an Onkyo Tx-sr803 reciever and the specs say that is 680 watts. Am I supposed to add these numbers up or is this figured out another way? Thanks, If this is a stupid question try not to laugh so hard.

Cees Alons

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Jul 31, 1997
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Cees Alons

In theory they should be added up, but in practice: don't worry yet.

Those 900W amps are not comparable to the receiver specs (I assume you give us the stated receiver power consumption number here, not the added amplifiers out?).

In some mysterious way (
), the total output power of power amplifiers never adds up to the total power consumption of the machine. Part of this is caused by the way we define the power of an amp (RMS, Music Power).
Also, you "music" output will get limited in practice by the ears of the audience and the safety of your windows (
), and equally will the power consumption of the amps involved.

So, of the SVSes you have the music output power, while of the Onkyo you have the specified power consumption. If the latter isn't true at all (and you just added the output power of all channels), the situation is even less severe.

In both cases, I suspect that you can safely connect these three to the surge protector. BTW, what is the max amperage of the outlet you connect the SP to?

(Your question is a bit tricky indeed, but certainly not stupid. What's more: no questions are, some answers do.)



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Jun 17, 2006
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Nick Gallegos
After skimming through the manual, it appears that this strip has no high-current outlets (basically, outlets that bypass the conditioning and noise filtering built into the strip). Conditioners limit current (usually detrimentally) to power amplifiers, receviers, powered subwoofers, etc. and will actually degrade performance. This is what a lot of salespeople don't tell you!

So what I would do is run the TV and all the source components into the Monster and if you want surge protection for the amps, just purchase a high-quality surge strip (with no conditioning or noise filtering) for connecting anything that has a power amplifier.

Good luck,


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