A testament to customer service: Projector People (LT150)

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    I bought my NEC LT-150 from ProjectorPeople.com back in early November. To be honest, the fact that they are a sponsor of the HTF pushed me in their direction (they support a forum I love, I support them)-- but their pricing was also very very good and their sales people seemed pretty "on the ball" and friendly...

    So I got my Projector from them in November, and unfortunately only got to dabble with it a little because my HT room needed some adjustments to get ready for the NEC and I was working on building a HTPC. After two months of waiting- I finally got the projector mounted and happening.

    Unfortunately, after a short time I noticed that on an all black screen there was an offensive blotch in the middle of the picture area- looked somewhat like a finger smudge on the lense.

    I got out my lense cleaning equipment for camera equipment- and realized the smudge was not on the outside lense-- and must be inside the light path somewhere inside the projector. On close inspection- I found not only the major smudge in the center but a few similar smudges around the outside that were lighter.

    I contacted projector people and they had me send the projector in for cleaning- saying it was probably some dust in the optics (which sounded resonable, since I had read similar info about dust in these projectors on AVS).

    Well, after a 2 week turn around- the projector arrived back with me yesterday and the splotch in the screen is still there. The invoice for the repair (done under warranty) stated that all dust from the optics had been cleaned--- but the smudge was still very clear on a full black image.

    I contacted projector people, and explained to them that it had been returned to me without actually fixing the problem. They immediately started the INSTACARE process with NEC and arrainged to get another projector overnighted to me and a paid return shipping label for my current projector. Sharisse Marion in customer service at Projector People jumped on the problem immediately- and made sure I would get another unit and wouldn't have to spend more money sending it back for a second time.

    I guess it just goes to show- while it would have been nice for Projector People to be able to repair the problem on the first try-- I was very impressed at how quickly they acted to correct the issue and save me further hassles. If only every company approached their mistakes with the real desire to repair them, buying things online would be a much more pleasant experience.

    If you're in the market for a projector- I highly recommend dealing with these folks. As long as Projector People (and their parent company A/V Innovations) have the projector models I want- I can't think of any reason I would shop anywhere else.

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    I am glad to hear that the folks at Projector People took great care of you. It is always great to get feedback from people that actually have purchased products from the vendors that help support this site.

    I have only dealt with Jennifer Andrews with Projector People but I can tell by the way that they are as excited about LCD, DLP, D-ILA and Plasma monitors as a lot of us front projection nuts are that they would a great company to deal with.

    Dealing with the consumer, instead of a business, is a new area for them.

    Keep us up to date about how the LT 150 works out for you in your HT. I am sure with all the tweaks that Guy and others offer that you are going to be thrilled with this projector.

    One of these days..............

  3. Dennis Reno

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    Vince - thanks for sharing. One of my major concerns with purchasing anything on line is customer service. My "Media Room" (its not a dedicated HT) construction began over the weekend and I'm preparing to purchase the Sanyo 60HT from Projector People. The pre-sale help has been excellent with quick, informative responses to all my questions. But, as many of us have unfortunately discovered, service can disappear after the sale! Great to hear ProjectorPeople stand behind their customers!

    Of course, I wouldn't have ever heard about ProjectorPeople.com without the HTF. Thanks again Parker & Ron!

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