A squeaky wheel get the grease..A warranty story.

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    Hey Guys. I just finished a 7 month long debacle with an extended warranty company concerning a slew of problems with a second hand Mitsubishi Diamond 65905. Yes I bought a used set. However I thought since it had a transferable warranty I wouldn't have any problems if there were any issues with the TV. When I originally looked at the set it seemed in good condition. I was told that the tubes had been replaced not 6 months prior. I thought heck that means there's less wear on them, bonus! Boy was I wrong!!!

    What follows is, to the best of my recollection, the timeline of events that followed the purchase. I have edited out the names of the players for obvious reasons. This timeline is what my attorney instructed me to prepare. He said it would be needed in the event that we went to court.

    Sat Nov 11/00 xxxxxxx purchased one 65” Mitsubishi Diamond Hi-Definition Television Model # WS65905, serial # 101488 from SSSSSSSS (St. Petersburg, FL)

    xxxxxxxx also purchased from SSSSSSSS a transferable 5 year extended warranty from xxxxxxx. (xxxxxxxx). See warranty (#1a)

    Sat Feb 3/03- Brian Steeves purchased above mentioned Mitsubishi Diamond model# WS65905 from xxxxxxxx.

    Sat Feb 3/03- xxxxxxxx called the warranty company (xxxxxxxxxxx) to transfer warranty to Mr. Steeves name and address. Was done so in Mr. Steeves’ presence and he was given a xxxxxxx contract# (GGGGGG) by a xxxxxxxx representative.

    Mon Feb 5/03- Mr. Steeves contacted xxxxxxx regarding problems with the television. Problems noted were a number of bars on the left hand side of the screen known in the industry as “Jail Bars”, major geometry errors, major over-scanning, and that the Hi-Definition input looked like a fish bowl of colors (possible convergence errors). Mr. Steeves was referred to SSSSSSSSS service. Mr. Steeves called SSSSSSSS and set up a service appointment.

    Feb /03- xxxxxxxxxx a service technician from SSSSSSSS came out and evaluated the set. He said he needed to order some parts and come back to do the repairs. Mr. Steeves took off from work to be home for the appointment. See invoice (#1b)

    Thurs Feb 27/03 xxxxxxxxx came back to perform repairs to television. Mr. Steeves took off work to be home for the appointment. Mr. xxxxxxx was able to fix the geometry and convergence errors but the “ringing” or “jail bars” was not. Mr. Steeves also noticed that know that the Hi-Definition input had been adjusted there was another problem. There was a flickering of colors or dark and light shaded areas on the screen following moving objects across the screen. See invoice (#2)

    Fri Feb 28/03 xxxxxxxxx returned to remove the “Light Box” from the television to send it to Miami for repairs. See invoice (#2)

    Mr. xxxxxxxxx made the statement to Mrs. Steeves that Mr. Steeves, “was too picky and that sometimes you have to look at what’s right with a set and not what’s wrong with it.” Thereby admitting there were problems.

    Fri Mar 7/03-xxxxxxxx in Miami made several repairs to the “light box”. See invoice (#3)

    After repeated attempts over several hours and days time Mr. Steeves was finally able to speak to the repair tech in Miami. He spoke with xxxxxxxx, the repair technician working on the television. Mr. xxxxxxx stated that the set was finished and would be on the next truck back to Clearwater. However Mr. Steeves found out during their conversation that the reason the “Light Box” was sent to them had not even been addressed! Mr. xxxxxx said he would look into it.

    Mr. xxxxx called Mr. Steeves the next afternoon and told him the problems had been solved.

    Mar 19/03 xxxxxxxxx returned the “Light Box” and installed. Problems were still apparent. Mr. Steeves had once again taken off from work to be home for the appointment.

    Mar 19/03 Mr. Steeves once again called SSSSSSS to inform them that the problems still existed (Jail Bars and Flickering). Mr. Steeves was told that there could be an external interference problem and that they needed to send xxxxxxxx out again with a Hi-Definition generator to rule out that possibility.

    Approx Mar 25/03 xxxxxxxxx returned with a Hi-Definition generator. Mr. Steeves once again took off from work to be there for the appointment. However the generator showed that the “ringing” was there while being isolated. The generator was not able to produce moving images to test for the flickering and color-changing problem. Mr. Johnston stated that he “knew the problem was not external” but had to do what they wanted him to. See invoice (#4)

    Mr. Steeves once again called SSSSSSSS service and was told they would need to come and take the entire television and ship it to the repair shop in Miami! He was also told that if the television were not repaired that he would be given a replacement.

    Apr 1/03 SSSSSSSSS came and picked up the television. They left a loaner 55” Mitsubishi television (model# WS55311). See invoice (#5)

    The loaner television did not exhibit any of the problems the other did.

    Approx: Apr 11/03- Mr. Steeves attempted repeatedly to contact the service technician once again to discuss the television. Finally Mr. xxxxxx was reached. Mr. Allen said that the “ringing” was fixed. When asked about the flickering and changing of colors he said he didn’t observe them. Mr. Steeves then asked to speak to his supervisor Mr. xxxxxxxx.

    Mr. Steeves spoke with Mr. xxxxxxx about the televisions problems. Mr. xxxxxxx stated that the “ringing” or “Jail Bars” while not totally gone was as good as they could get it. See invoice (#4) He also said that the flickering and color changing was due to an incompatibility with Mr. Steeves’ satellite receiver (RCA DTC-100) and that he should purchase a different one. He recommended the Sony SAT-HD200 receiver.

    Apr 17/03 SSSSS SSSSSS returned Mr. Steeves’ television and picked up their loaner television. Mr. Steeves once again took off from work to be home. See invoice (#6) After the deliverymen left Mr. Steeves turned the TV on and it exhibited an entirely new problem. Every input tried produced the same result…a totally phsycodelic fishbowl effect. It was totally un-watchable. Mr. Steeves tried to fix by unplugging the set and then plugging it back in hoping that doing so would somehow “reset” the circuits inside. It didn’t work. So once again called SSSSSSSSS to complain and they said they would send Mr. xxxxxxxx out on Monday to have a look. Later on that evening Mr. Steeves turned the television on and the physcodelic effect was no longer there. However the “flickering” was and the “Jail Bars” were still there also albeit not as bad as before.

    Mon Apr 21/03 Mr. xxxxxxx returns to witness the physcodelic problem but it doesn’t occur for him. See invoice (#7) He states that the “convergence circuit had probably lost voltage”. When Mr. Steeves called SSSSSSSS to find out about the other remaining problems he met a stone wall. He asked to speak to supervisors but no one would take his call. Mr. Steeves asked Mr. xxxxxxxxx (customer service rep) for a replacement television he said that his supervisors said,” absolutely not!” Mrs. Steeves then spent the next several hours on hold with SSSSSSSS because no one would take her call. Finally she contacted xxxxxx the warranty company to complain about the service from SSSSSSS. After speaking with several xxxxxx. representatives she was transferred to the Buy-out manager. The Buyout manger xxxxxxx took Mrs. Steeves over the phone to Mitsubishi’s website and showed her the television that would replace theirs. So Mrs. Steeves thought at that point that they had agreed to replace the TV and that the whole ordeal was over.

    Tues Apr 22/03 Mrs. Steeves receives a call from another xxxxxxx supervisor who eventually referred Mr. Steeves to Mr. xxxxxxxxx (Florida Regional Service Manger). Mr. xxxxxxx wanted to once again try to have the set repaired. Mr. Steeves reluctantly agreed but wanted an independent service technician of his choice to evaluate the set. Mr. xxxxxx agreed and said that he would reimburse Mr. Steeves for it.

    Wed Apr 23 Mr. Steeves contacted xxxxxxxxx of xxxxxxxxx to set up a service call. They agreed upon Wed Apr 30.

    Wed Apr 30 Mr. xxxxxx from xxxxxxxxx came to Mr. Steeves’ home. Mr. Steeves once again took off work to be home for the appointment. Mr. xxxxx spends the next few hours evaluating the TV. He displays test patterns, views the Hi-def channels and non Hi-Def programming (DVD and Satellite), opens the set and inspects the inside. What he concludes is that there are definitely problems. He states that he will contact Mr. xxxxxxx from xxxxxxx and inform him of his findings. See invoice (#8)

    Around Mar 5/03 Mr. Steeves contacts Mr. xxxxxx to discuss Mr. xxxxx’s findings. Mr. xxxxxx states that he wants another Mitsubishi authorized servicer to come and work on the set. Mr. Steeves reluctantly agrees.

    Tues May 13/03 Mr. xxxxxxxx from xxxxxxxxx Electronic Services comes out to work on the TV. Once again Mr. Steeves has to take off work to be home for the appointment. Mr. xxxxx spends a few hours making adjustments on the TV. When Mr. Steeves asks about the “flickering” problem he states that the problem is his satellite receiver (RCA DTC100) and that he recommends Mr. Steeves replaces it. He recommends the Sony SAT HS200. Mr. xxxxxxx leaves. See invoice (#9)

    Mr. Steeves immediately goes out and purchases a Sony SAT HD-200 satellite receiver for $695.46 from Circuit City. See invoice (#10) Upon returning home he installs the new Sony receiver and finds that the problem is exactly the same with the Sony as with the RCA receiver.

    Wed May 14/03 Mr. Steeves contacts Mr. xxxxxx and tells him that he replaced the receiver as instructed by Mr. xxxxxx but the problem remained. Mr. xxxxxx stated that he would have Mr. xxxxxxx come back out again.

    Fri May 30/03 Mr. xxxxxx returns. Once again Mr. Steeves takes off work to be home for appointment. Mr. xxxxxxx views the set and acknowledges the problem. See invoice (#11) He states he will research problem with Mitsubishi and get back to him.

    Approx June 5/03 Mr. xxxxxx contacts Mr. Steeves and says he will need to remove the “light box” for in shop testing and repairs. Mr. Steeves reluctantly agrees.

    Thur June 12/03 Mr. xxxxxx returns. Mr. Steeves once again takes off from work to be home for the appointment. Mr. xxxxxxx removes the “light box” and takes it back to his shop. He stated that he needed to check the power supply and some other possibilities.

    Approx Tues 24/03 Mr. Steeves contacts Mr. xxxxx. Mr. xxxxxxx states that the power supply checks OK and that Mitsubishi says the problem is the “RGB board”. He says that he has the part on order and will replace it before returning the TV.

    Thurs July 3/03 Mr. xxxxxx returns with the “light box”. Once again Mr. Steeves takes off from work to be home for the appointment. Immediately upon replacing the “light box” and turning on the set it was apparent to both Mr. Steeves and Mr. xxxxxxx that the problem remained. Mr. xxxxxxxx stated that he would once again contact Mitsubishi about the problem and get back to him.

    Mon July 7/03 Mr. Steeves contacts Mr. xxxxxx. He informs Mr. xxxxxxx that the TV still isn’t fixed and that he wants the TV to be replaced. Mr. xxxxx flat out refused to replace the set stating,” that he wasn’t about to write a $3500.00 check to replace a 3 yr. old TV!”

    Sat July 12/03 Mr. xxxxxxx returns to make adjustments to the “Service Menu”. After spending a couple hours doing so the set still exhibits the same problem. Mr. xxxxxx states he “cannot find any reasonable explanation for problem” and that he agrees the set should be considered “un-repairable” and that the warranty company should replace the set. However he will contact Mitsubishi again.

    After Mr. xxxxx leaves Mr. Steeves realizes that now both inputs 1 and 2 no longer work at all! Mr. Steeves calls Mr. Xxxxxx to inform him and he says he will have to see when he can come back out.

    At this point I hired an attorney. I could no longer take the never-ending run-a-round, we need to check one more thing. I HAD JUST HAD ENOUGH!! And to make a long story short 4 weeks later I have a brand new 65413 sitting in my livingroom! The funny thing was after I got the news that they were going to finally replace the set I almost wanted to say F&#@ that, I want to go to court and sue their [censored] to teach them a lesson. I think what most warranty/insurance companies figure is if you keep screwing the person they will eventually give up and go away, in fact I think they count on it!

    It also came to my attention that both the servicers were not paid for the work they did on the set. Apparently they have to "fix" it to get paid.

    What did I learn from this?

    1) Never buy a used RPTV.
    2) If I were the original purchaser I think the store would have stepped up to the plate.
    3) Extended warranties are worth the extra money but you may have to fight for your rights.
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    Good for you Brian. Thanks for the story and the insight.
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    The entire post is a testimony for not purchasing a used TV of any kind, which, of course, you concluded yourself after the ordeal.

    That should have confirmed for you immediately why not to purchase the set. (Not to be picky, btw, but the word is "psychedelic.")

    Glad it all worked out for you, though!
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    Didn't you thoroughly inspect the TV prior to purchasing it? I would NEVER buy a TV that has already had major repairs.
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    Stories like this are what makes me want to purchase from an authorized dealer, new, in the box. I love that new receiver, speaker, etc. smell!

    However, glad it all worked out [​IMG]

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