A Spike TV Movie in the works?

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Mikel_Cooperman, Aug 24, 2005.

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    Buffyverse resurrected? Tim Minear to write and direct Spike telemovie for WB

    Reported at TGL by Chris Howell at 22:31 BST

    From Moviehole:

    Looks like the wheels are finally in motion.

    Blondie Boy's about to take another bite out of the box.

    Tim Minear ["The Inside"] has been tapped to write and direct the long-awaited "Spike" telemovie for the brothers Warner.

    The WB agreed to the "Angel" spin-off earlier this year, but creator Joss Whedon's been reportedly too busy to think thrice about it. Solution? rope in an ol' bud to take the ropes.

    Minear, via Whedonesque, let the cat out of the bag, saying "I had lunch with Joss and he asked me if I wanted to write and direct some blonde vampire movie thing. Should I do it? (I of course said yes right off, still) Anything under 13 hours scares me. And anything over 13 hours... um. I got nothin'."

    Aint it Cool confirmed the news with Minear. "Yeah, that's me. Probably shouldn't have said anything, but what the hell. You're behind this somehow, aren't you?", Minear joked.

    No word on when the telemovie, with James Marsters reprising his role as Spike aka 'William the Bloody', will air.
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    I thought this was about TNN going from The Nashville Network to The National Network and then becoming Spike TV..
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    LOL! But, in all honesty, the thread title did scare me a bit... My very first thought was of a TV movie produced by Spike TV, and I immediately started wondering about both the probable subject matter of such original programming on that specific network, as well as the target audience of such a venture... Think of the possible outcomes of that combination...

    I love their syndi picks (MacGyver, ST: TNG, ST: DS9, 7 Days, CSI, etc.), but the thought of an original movie gave me a bit of a shudder...

    Back on topic...I was very glad to see that the reference was to Buffy's Spike.

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    It's about James Marsters as a NASCAR driver who dabbles in volleyball and building railroads, directed by Spike Lee.

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