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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Rosty, Feb 17, 2005.

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    I've spent a few hours two days ago trying to find anyone at Denon USA who still knows anything about now discontinued DVD-9000. No one in IL or NJ office was knowledgable or helpful enough to discuss the latest available firmware for Denon DVD-9000. When I asked them to mail me a CD to update my FW to the latest version they refused and suggested that I have to send my perfectly working player (with working Denon link SE, BTW) to their service center for "upgrade". Like shipping of 40lb unit and waiting a few weeks is a lot of fun...

    Anyway, I did an extensive research on the Net and found the following:

    Check this out:

    - To See the Firmware Installed in Your Player

    p081.ezboard.com/faussiedvdandhtforumfrm38.showMessage?topicID=104. topic


    - Pal Progressive and MR Firmware Information

    p081.ezboard.com/faussiedvdandhtforumfrm38.showMessage?topicID=97.t opic

    ... look at the very end of the thread for the link to another useful post by Frankie at jbmaudio.com forum. I emailed to Frankie to Great Britain and he emailed me back the firmware files the same day. Burned them into a CD and updated my player in under 15 minutes.

    Shame on you, Denon! Thanks Frankie!!!

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    Now if the same could be done for my denon 2200. I can't find the multiregion firmware anywhere...


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