A short review: Panasonic DMP-BD10 Blu-Ray player

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by streeter, Nov 16, 2007.

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    [​IMG] another year, I was ecstatic when I was notified that I had won the
    Panasonic DMP-BD10 Blu-Ray player here on HTF. I quickly canceled DVD
    pre-orders and placed new orders for the same titles in Blu-Ray, and
    enabled Blu-Ray in my Netflix queue.

    We're still in the early days of this format, and I was reminded of
    that when I opened the box - the player is pretty big. It made me
    think back to the first DVD player I got in 1999. We sure have been
    spoiled by the more compact units that have come out since then. That
    said, it's sturdy and I have the space for it so it's no problem for

    The player looks very sleek. It has a front panel that you have to
    flip down in order to insert or eject a disc. This looks great (no
    buttons) but the downside is that you have to flip it up and down each
    time (or just leave it open).

    After hooking it up, I turned the unit on and had to wait about half a
    minute for it to load a disc. I imagine other Blu-Ray or HD-DVD
    players have similar wait times, but it was less of a wait than I expected
    after reading about the earliest hi-def players.

    Other than that I have absolutely no complaints. With only a handful
    of TV channels and limited programming available in HD, this player
    has been a godsend. I feel like my TV set is finally being utilized to
    its intended potential. The picture quality is nearly flawless - I
    can't rave enough about it.

    Special features have also been taken to a new level. Pirates of the
    Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest includes a BD-Java game that incorporates
    new footage featuring supporting cast members, which I thought was
    pretty unique. Another great example is Ratatouille, which makes the
    perfect demo disc. The video quality is the best I've ever seen
    anything on my TV, but the bonus features (most of them exclusive to
    this Blu-Ray disc) were also presented in full 1080p.

    Moreover, my standard DVDs now look better than ever. The upscaling on
    this player was noticeably better than the Philips DVP 5960 I'd been

    As a bonus, the Panasonic DMP BD-10 also included five movies: 2-disc
    editions of both Pirates of the Caribbean films from disney; The
    Transporter and Fantastic 4 from Fox, and Crash from Lions Gate.

    Thanks again to the Home Theater Forum and to Panasonic! I'm
    officially converted now and can't wait for some of the titles that
    are coming out.

    --Mike Streeter
  2. Patrick Sun

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    Thanks for the review and welcome to the high-def club. Hope you get to also sample the lossless audio that the BDs offer, that has been the other nugget that has made HT fun again for me.
  3. Chris Maynard

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    I just picked up this player on the recommendation of Robert George.

    This player is 1.1, can pass through DTS-MA via bitstream and delivers a stunning picture. A noticeable improvement over my PS3.

    A big thumbs up from me.

  4. captain_celluloid

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    If a sub is not used does the unit route the bass from all speakers
    set to "small" to the large LR mains PLUS does it combine the LFE
    signal and mix it in to the LR mains.

    Is there any funky ness with the levels . . . like the infamous
    minus 10 db bass issue with the Toshiba HD players

    Also, I assume it will also pass bitstream on all HBR formats


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