A question for laserdisc owner/enthusiasts.

Brandy S

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Mar 24, 2006
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I sold my Pioneer DVL-919 combination Laserdisc/DVD player to a buyer on another forum. Upon recieving the player he hooked it up to his TV using COMPONENT cables, popped in a laserdisc, and saw a black and white fuzzy picture. He claims it's broken. Who else doesn't know that laserdisc is a composite medium? The component outs are for DVD/VCD only. Would you feel ripped off and want your money back when the player functions as intended flawlessly?

Phil A

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Oct 1, 2000
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Not at all. Obviously, a very uneducated buyer. You delivered what was promised, end of story. When I sell my stuff (I've calmed down a bit at my getting to be advanced age and don't buy or sell as often), I sell it on Audiogon. More educated people who are into the hobby. Won't say that you will never get that but it is rare. Would you feel any different if he hooked it to his PC monitor and it did not display properly or hooked the composite video output into an audio input and got no sound? Someone buying something of that nature has to be accountable for knowing something.


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Feb 18, 2004
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Nope. If he wants component video output from a LaserDisc player, he doesn't know what he's talking about.

Tell him that he won't get a colour picture from a LD unless he uses a composite or S connexion, that all LD and DVD-LD players have this limitation, and that he can ask anybody. There are articles all over the Internet covering this topic, because there's always somebody who is trying to use DVL component outs for LD. Some PAL players have a colour decoder in them and output RGB via SCART, at mediocre quality, but that's as close as you get to component output from LD without external hardware. Just for a lark I've hooked up my 704 to a transcoding frame sync, and the f/s via component to the TV, but there's no percentage in that.

Remind him that composite video gives the best results with LD anyway, it's not like DVD, so he's not being cheated of anything. (And if he thought he was going to get component video from LDs using a DVL, he's an idiot. That question is in every FAQ on the net.)

Jesse Skeen

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Apr 24, 1999
So you actually can get a black-and-white picture from the component outputs? I didn't think they'd put out any LD picture at all.

I'm angry that mine can't output analog sound from DiscoVision discs through the optical output

Sam H

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Mar 8, 2003
I had that player for a while and the component outputs are for the DVD-section only. There is a processor Monster made a few years back that could convert composite-> component pretty well but using the component from this player for LDs just won't cut it.

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