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Jeff Hoak

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Jun 26, 2001
I have a pair of old (~1993) Infinity SM-152 towers. These speakers are quite large with 15” woofers 2 –4” mids and 1 dome tweeter. They’re very efficient and overall quite decent sounding with TONS of bass. These guys have served me well for almost 10 years but alas they fell victim to a re-decorate last year. I have made several attempts to sell them both locally and on line but haven’t been able to.

Rather than give them away or place them in storage and wait for them disintegrate from age I decided that I might be able to at least put the woofers to use. My thought was that I might be able to build a monster subwoofer or maybe a pair of them using the woofers out of the SM-152’s.

I’d probably rate as fair to good in the woodworking department with a reasonable assortment of power and hand tools as well as access to almost any other power tool that I might need. (Note: My father is a retired contractor & cabinet maker and I worked for him for about 10 years)

OK DIYer’s… What are your thoughts on a design that would incorporate a pair of 15” woofers or is it even worth the trouble? Any idea where to find the various specs on the drivers so that it’ll be a little easier to design the cabinet?

Any and all input (good or bad) is greatly appreciated.

Mark Larson

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Mar 3, 2002
The biggest problem i can foresee is that they won't have decent magnets and coils etc - subwoofers are built to perform deep, while woofers also have to go fairly high, with lesser power.
If you can get the specs, it might be possible - without knowing that, you can't do much.

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