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    I'm currently shopping for my first DVD player. I haven't read any reviews of the Pioneer DV-440, but it sounds like a nice unit. If anyone has any input about this unit, it'd be greatly appreciated. I've been leaning towards this player since I've first started researching a few weeks ago. I only have a 4:3 TV, so a fancy progressive scan player isn't needed. Thanks in advance. [​IMG]
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    Steve, don't be so quick to write off a progressive scan dvd player purchase. Even if you don't have a progressive scan input on your television . I'll tell you why:
    #1 Progressive Scan players have come down so much in the last year that it doesn't make that much difference price wise.
    #2 Even if you can't utilize the progressive scan feature now, when you upgrade to a monitor that has progressive inputs you will.
    (becoming standard equipment on more televisions every day)
    #3 Most progressive players have user selectable (480i/480p)outputs.
    (so you can use it as an interlaced player now and a progressive scan player later)
    #4 You won't have to buy ANOTHER dvd player anytime soon.
    "If at first you don't succeed...,remove all evidence that you ever tried."
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