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Dec 6, 2016
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Panasonic Targets 10% of Indian 4K TV Market, Launches EX750, EX600 Series

Japanese consumer electronics giant Panasonic unveiled a new set of 4K Ultra HD televisions for the Indian market along with the integrated UA7 sound system for the higher-end TVs.

Addressing the media during the launch, Panasonic’s senior executives expressed hope that they can keep expanding their presence in the Indian market for consumer electronics in general, and the 4K Ultra HD television series in particular.

The latest launch includes their flagship 65inch EX-750 4K PRO LED LCD TV that is priced at Rs 3,10,000 ($4795USD).

The technology is being termed Hexa Chroma Drive Pro, meaning there is a 6-color reproduction feature incorporated in this. The display on the super bright panel is rated at 550nits. The processor on this TV is the "Studio Colour HCX2".

This flagship television from Panasonic is being bundled with its all in one speaker system UA7 comprising 10 units: Four woofers, two super woofers and four tweeters. The combined system is able to deliver 1700W of sound. In all the company expects the customers to enjoy a home theater level quality viewing and listening with this bundle.

Also launched were three TVs in the EX600 series. These are in screen sizes, 55-inch, 49-inch and 43-inch. While the 55-inch TV will cost Rs 1, 78, 900 ($2770USD) and the 49-inch, Rs 1, 41, 000 ($2180USD), the 43-inch TV in the EX600 series will be sold at Rs 78, 900 ($1220USD). The 1300Hz processor drives these televisions.

It has to be noted that the 55-inch and the 49-inch TVs are bundled with the UA7 speaker system whereas the 43-inch TV will be a standalone product. For the record, Panasonic does not intend selling the speaker console separately for now. It will come only bundled with the high-end television sets.

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