A new swiss boy,name PIEGA comes into town

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    Feb 10, 1999
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    The name just came into SINGAPORE a few months ago,and now some people are talking about it.
    The local market had been dominated by BRITISH,AMERICAN,CANADIAN and DANISH speaker makers for a long time with lots of popular brands that are easily recognised by local consumers.
    How does their speakers sound?How does their speakers performed in both ht and audiophile performance?
    In a recent audition attended by a close collegue,on presentation in both ht and pure stereo performance,he was wowed by the latter.He says that the ht setup does not impress him...lack of deeeep bassss!
    Personally,i had not auditioned the speaker system yet,so i can't say that i agree with my collegue's comments.(Maybe he have some point,the speakers look too thin to me)
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    Aug 3, 1999
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    I auditioned them quite a bit when I was looking for speakers for my music-only system. I believe they were the S2's......
    Very nice sounding as I recall and they looked really nice too......my only beef is that they lacked bass and I would have needed a sub.....I ended up with JMLab Electra 920.1s which were a LOT more expensive.......

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