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A New HBO Miniseries Coming In 2009 (1 Viewer)

Brad Vautrinot

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Mar 16, 1999
This might be the wrong area for this series but I wanted to make sure that the BoB fans knew what was in store for them soon. This series will undoubtably end up on BD at some point.

The Pacific

That's the title of a new HBO miniseries scheduled to air sometime in 2009. It will be 10 episodes and is the story of 3 U.S. Marines in the Pacific during WWII. Their experiences, along with their buddies, take them from training to their baptism of fire with the Japanese on Guadalcanal, through the Cape Gloucester jungles, Peleliu, Iwo Jima, Okinawa until they get home on VJ Day.

This is neither a prequel nor a sequel to Band Of Brothers. Rather it's a series Stephen Ambrose and Spielberg wanted to do after Band Of Brothers. The untimely death of Ambrose has cast this in doubt but I'm excited beyond all means that Spielberg & Hanks went ahead with it. If it's anywhere close to BoB, it should be awesome.

The Pacific is made by Exec. Producers Steven Spielberg & Tom Hanks along with Gary Goetzman (BoB exec.). Many of the executives behind this series are affiliated with BoB. Hugh Ambrose, Stephen's son, is the historical consultant. The link below will direct you to a very informative site containing tons of information.

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