A new computer hooked up to an old router. Please help.

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    Ronald Epstein

    What holds all the information that you put into
    your router upon installation so that it recognizes
    the broadband signal? Is it the computer or the

    Let me explain....

    I am using a computer hooked to a Linksys 4-port
    router that feeds into other computers in the house.

    I have just bought a brand new Dell computer that
    I am expecting in the next 2 weeks.

    I'll be starting all over again with a brand new
    computer and clean Windows XP software. I have no
    clue what my router settings were, and I remember
    it was a real bitch to set my router up.

    I am hoping all the information my new computer
    needs is already embedded in the router and that
    my new MASTER computer will automatically download
    those settings.

    What can I expect when I hook up this router to it
    for the first time?

    Thanks for the help.
  2. Rob Lloyd

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    The linksys routers are all configured via software on the device so you shouldn't have to do anything if you change or add machines. Just make sure you know your router's username and password if you changed it from the default.
    I've only messed around w/ 2-3 yr old linksys cable/dsl routers so if it's older than that someone else might want to chime in.
    Generally you set your browser to and it should pull up your router's config page and ask you for a password. I believe it's no username and "admin" for the password. You should have changed it for security reasons but maybe not. From there you can view/change all your router's info.
    If it was setup as a DHCP server you should have nothing to do with your new computer(s). Just setup TCP/IP and it should grab the needed info to connect to that net thing everyone keeps talking about.
    Rob Lloyd
  3. Parker Clack

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    Like Rob said all you have to do is plug the router into your new PC and then go to the control panel > network connections and use the set up wizard to tell it you have a network connection instead of dial up and the rest is automatic.

  4. Tom Fudold

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    That's correct, the other replies are right on. Just make sure when you check the DCHP tab on the router config, that's set to at least 5, or however many PC's you have there... I believe the default is 50 anyway.

    Just plug it in, and the router will do the rest... I've installed dozens of them at houses for clients.

  5. Mike Voigt

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    Just be a little patient with it - it may take a moment to synch. Mostly, that is with a router that you're switching on. If the router is already running, it should be very quick.
    Best of luck - I am fixing to do the same thing, once that Dell 1600SC shows up... I can't wait [​IMG] Thanks to you guys for setting up deals like that!

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