A man called Sloane

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  1. Bryan^H

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    Jul 3, 2005
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    Although I was only seven years old when this show aired in 1979, I used to love it. It only ran 1 season, with a total of 14 episodes, on NBC Saturday nights. A man called Sloane was like James Bond meets the A-team. I hope someday it will be released on dvd. Does anyone remember this show? IS it as cool as I remember?

    My tv watching schedule Saturday nights from Late 70's, early 80's:

    The Muppet show NBC
    Grizzly Adams NBC
    Man Called Sloane NBC
    The Love Boat ABC
    Fantasy Island ABC
    Saturday Night Live NBC and
    Son Of Svengoolie WKBD Ch. 50(Detroit)
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    Jan 18, 2002
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    I've got the original pilot movie, under the title DEATH RAY 2000. It featured Robert Logan as Sloane. Silly but fun.

    I don't think I ever saw the series.

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