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Neil Brock

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Apr 29, 2009
I recorded them all complete off of GET-TV a couple of years ago, which I'm content with. Don't need them now really.

Randy Korstick

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Feb 24, 2000
I'm sitting on a stack of episodes that I'm holding off from transferring because I know once I get done, WA will announce the series. I wonder what the holdup is on this show.
This time last year they said they had to complete music clearance and then the episodes needed to be remastered. Since they managed to clear their other western shows, I expect them to clear this one. The exception being the Alaskans which is tougher to clear like the detective shows. So they may be in the remastering process right now. I would guess at least season 1 is a safe bet for sometime this year.

Jack P

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Apr 15, 2006
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Well this keeps adding to the total of prime-time shows from the 1965-66 season now available on DVD!

Gunsmoke S11
Perry Mason S9
Rawhide S8
Bonanza S7
Andy Griffith Show S6
The Flintstones S6
Dick Van Dyke Show S5
Hazel S5
Dr. Kildare S5
Combat! S4
The Virginian S4
The Lucy Show S4
McHale's Navy S4
Patty Duke Show S3
My Favorite Martian S3
The Fugitive S3
Flipper S2
Addams Family S2
Munsters S2
Gilligan's Island S2
Gomer Pyle USMC S2
Bewitched S2
Man From UNCLE S2
Daniel Boone S2
Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea S2
Batman S1
Lost In Space S1
Honey West S1
The Loner S1
I Spy S1
Wild Wild West S1
The Big Valley S1
The FBI S1
Daktari S1
Laredo S1
Green Acres S1
Gidget S1
F Troop S1
I Dream Of Jeannie S1
Get Smart! S1
Hogan's Heroes S1
Branded S1
My Mother The Car S1
Hank S1
A Man Called Shennadoah S1

Add these Brit shows that aired in US prime time during the season.

The Baron
Secret Agent (Danger Man)

And the next release of Peyton Place will contain the first episodes that were part of the 65-66 season.

Bob Gu

Jun 17, 2006
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Bob Gudera
GRIT has been showing an extended feature length version of the last episode of THE TRAVELS OF JAMIE McPHEETERS, called GUNS OF DIABLO. It's in color. The series was in black and white. MGM made it in the same time-frame they filmed a couple of extended color features from the first season of THE MAN FROM UNCLE, which was in black and white, except for the episodes they planned to expand for the features.

Charles Ellis

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Jan 5, 2002
It's interesting that at the same time AMCS was being made Larry Cohen had created Coronet Blue for CBS. Both shows had the same premise: a man with amnesia searching for his identity. Two big differences: Coronet Blue was filmed in color and took place in the 1960s New York. Due to management changes at CBS that show was put on shelf for two years before it aired in the summer of 1967. And now, both shows are out on DVD!


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Dec 19, 2007
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Does anyone know if you order direct from Warner Archive that you can get a pressed set?I understand
Amazon purchases are MOD only.This show would be a blind buy,may get it if they are remastered and uncut.

Randy Korstick

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Feb 24, 2000
Does anyone know if you order direct from Warner Archive that you can get a pressed set?I understand
Amazon purchases are MOD only.This show would be a blind buy,may get it if they are remastered and uncut.
I just received my copy yesterday. I have never seen the show before. Watched the 1st episode and it looks to be a good show. They are not pressed discs. The quality is excellent. They were remastered and are uncut running a little over 25 minutes each. Highly Recommended for Western TV show fans.


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Nov 23, 2007
Alberta Canada
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Man Called Shenandoah is a very good Western, although the central theme of the show sometimes strains credibility at times with "Shenandoah" being recognized, attacked, deceived or led on to nowhere by people who know his real identity, or have clues to finding the truth about him, in just about every episode...ultimately never really learning his real name and identity before the series was unfortunately cancelled. The show still holds interest as they establish some critical details about his past, however. In the course of the 34 episodes, some satisfying continuity is established in the compelling mystery with Shenandoah following up on clues and characters introduced previously. This is a good action show with a lot of great location shooting at Mammoth Lakes, Old Tucson, Mojave at Lone Pine etc. And the guest stars are wonderful!

Man Called Shenandoah was created by E. Jack Neuman, who also wrote most of the episodes. This was the first show that Neuman did right after Mr. Novak, and also for MGM. Boris Sagal, also from Mr. Novak, directed. The great Nathan Juran and Tom Gries also directed a number of episodes. Fred Freiberger was one of the producers on Man Called Shenandoah, right about the same time as he was producing the second pilot for Star Trek. There are many Trek alumni seen on Man Called Shenandoah...DeForest Kelly, Leonard Nimoy, James Doohan, Susan Oliver, Sally Kellerman, Paul Carr, Warren Stevens, Frank Gorshin all appear on this show. Other great guest stars like Beverly Garland, Geraldine Brooks, Anne Helm, Martin Landau, Ed Asner, Bruce Dern, Claude Akins, Warren Oates, Robert Loggia, Nehemiah Persoff, John Dehner, Albert Salmi, John Mcintire, Jeanette Nolan, Gregory Walcott, John Anderson, Ed Binns, Milton Selzer, Cloris Leachman, David Sheiner, Charles McGraw, Harry Dean Stanton, Bing Russell, Henry Jones, Leif Erickson, Lloyd Bochner, Joyce Van Patten, Andrew Duggan, Norman Fell, John Ireland, Diana Hyland and Gary Merrill...

Publicity photo for episode 2, "Survival" with guest star John Anderson...

The lovely Susan Oliver in episode 18, "Rope's End"...Alabama rocks at Lone Pine, CA...



My copy of Man Called Shenandoah is on the way to me...I'm alright with burned discs on quality media, the only problem I've ever had with a WAC disc was on a pressed disc for The FBI...I'm glad that another B+W MGM TV show has been released by WAC...with Mr. Novak S1 hopefully coming soon...I would hope for The Thin Man TV series too, though I'm worried that there are more complicated rights issues with that one than some others. And WAC has a lot of great MGM, RKO and WB classic feature films for Blu ray in the que also...
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