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May 14, 2001
For the Zone 1 readers of this newsgroup, I tried to compile a quick list of sought after movies that are available in the other zones. That list is by no means complete or representative, it is just a random collection of movies I happened to stumble accross myself, with some comments on the quality and languages available when possible. I also do not include very recent films, because those are simply available in their home market long before they are
available in zone 1, but usually make it at some point.
Akira Kurosawa: about 10 of his early black and white movies (Stray dog, The lower depths, Ikiru...) available in Hong Kong (maybe more). English subtitles if you need them.
David Lynch:
Eraserhead: Japan (reportedly same transfer than the Laserdisc), UK and France (full-frame 4:3 transfer).
Elephant man: France. Nice disc. Maybe sold out.
Lost highway: Japan (same transfer than the US laserdisc), Germany.
Twin peaks fire walks with me: Germany. Dubbed version only.
Wild at heart: Japan. Horrible transfer.
Disney: reportedly, early classics available in Asia where copyrights lapse after 75 years. I don't know much more, sorry.
C'est arrivé près de chez vous (Man bites dog): available in France and the UK (this last one with English subtitles by Tartan Video, probably the same transfer than the UK laserdisc).
Federico Fellini: La dolce vita: France. Optional French subtitles, nice disc.
Jacques Tati: many of his movies (Vacances de M. Hulot, Mon Oncle, Jour de fête...) available in France with additional shorts on the DVD as extra.
Jean-Luc Godard: many of his movies (À bout de souffle, etc...) available in France. Only French. "Loin du vietnam" available in Japan. Only Japanese subtitles.
Jim Jarmusch: Night on earth: Japan. Only Japanese subtitles.
Louis Male: some movies available in Japan (Ascenseur pour l'échafaud, Black moon, Au revoir les enfants...). Only Japanese subtitles.
Luc Besson: "Le dernier combat" and "Le grand bleu" (long version) available in France. "Léon" (long version) available In Japan.
Orson Welles: Citizen Kane: Germany (nice disc) and France (incredible box set!).
Russ Meyer: 4 of the "Vixens" (Mega, Ultra, Super...) movies available in France. Poor transfer quality, unfortunately.
Wes Craven's "last house on the left". Available in France in an anamorphic transfer. Probably cut, planned duration is 81 minutes.
Wim Wenders: some of his movies (Der Himmel über Berlin, Paris Texas, Alice in der
Städten...) available In Japan. Compulsory Japanese subtitles and original language only.
Metropolis: UK and France. UK version is longer, France has the incredibly good restored version.
An incredible box set with Depardon's movies is available in France under the label "Arte Video". Collectors should watch that label.
Not strictly a regional release, Koyaanisqatsi is available (at a price) from the producers themselves: www.koyaanisqatsi.org. R0, no copy protection, full-frame and nice transfer. Note that a CD with the music is also available in Germany.
Generally speaking, many French movies from the 50s-80s have been published in Japan and many older ones (Renoir, Clouzot...) are available in France. Early German movies sometimes to be found in Germany or France (Caligari, The last man, Mabuse, Lubitsch...). Hong-Kong and China also appear to have lots of DVDs (not counting the bootlegs), but information about those is difficult to come by.
Russia is planning to publish hundred or so Russian movies soon (see the other thread about Solaris)under the label "Russian council", and is interested in the export market (i.e. subtitles in West European languages).
The Rotterdam film festival is publishing some very interesting DVDs under their label in Holland, but I do not have order information yet.
A quick note: for those of you who did not manage to get the extra 5th "Alien" disc, it is included in the box set sold in Europe. No coupon to send back.


May 14, 2001
And another two I have forgotten:
The beatles "a hard days night" is available i Japan.
Early "Lucky Luke" and "Asterix" animated features (the ones that were made on Goscinny's money in Belgium: 12 travaux d'Astérix, La ballade des Dalton...) are available in France (with plenty of subtitles).
Feel free to increase the list with a followup! ;-)

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