A List Of Short Lasting or Obscure Shows Not Yet on DVD

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Jim Beaver, Aug 17, 2005.

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    Here are 3 short-lived comedies from the '60s:

    Camp Runamuck - 1965
    Captain Nice - 1967
    Rango - 1967 (comedy western starring Tim Conway)
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    First off. Thanks for mentioning Vengeance Unlimited. A really good show.

    To add:

    JAKE 2.0 It's every red-blooded American male's dream to be either a secret agent or a superhero. In UPN's new action-adventure drama, JAKE 2.0, Jake Foley gets his shot to be both when he is infected by nanites—based on nanotechnology, the real life break-through technology in development that reduces the size of computers to the molecular level.

    Jake's day job is providing tech support at the super-secret National Security Agency (NSA), but his dream is to become an NSA secret agent—a dream that surprisingly and disturbingly comes true after a freak accident at the Agency. When inexplicable things start to happen to Jake, he learns that he was exposed to a liquid containing the top-secret nanites, which are now giving him mind-boggling powers—superhuman strength, lightning-fast speed, heightened hearing, razor sharp vision and the telepathic abilities to communicate with computers. This development sends shockwaves through several major players at the NSA: Kyle Duarte, an intense and talented former field agent now working behind a desk; Louise "Lou" Beckett, a powerful senior agent, and Diane Hughes, a research doctor desperate to understand Jake's unlimited powers.

    Presented with the superhuman Jake, a remarkable but untested new asset, the NSA authorizes the creation of a new Special Ops division with him at its core. Jake realizes his dream has finally come true, but at a price—now he has to straddle two different worlds: the treacherous life of being the world's mightiest secret agent while keeping his new powers hidden from the outside world, including friends, family and the beautiful congressional staffer, Sarah Carter, for whom he secretly pines.
    DVD CHANCES: Their is a big fan following and a petition sites. Would make for a good release..since 4 episodes never aired in the US, except on syndication on HDNet.

    SPECIAL UNIT 2Special Unit 2 (SU2) is a secret division of the Chicago Police Department. They are such a mystery that no one outside of their unit is aware of what they really do, they just know to stay out of their way. The SU2 headquarters is an abandoned subway station that you can only enter through the hidden door at the back of the Golden Eagle dry cleaners. The mission of SU2 is to track down and rid the city of what they call "Links". A Link is a creature that evolved from the missing link between man and beast.
    DVD CHANCES:I wouldn't think so. But, with Nowhere Man coming. Maybe, some UPN shows will finally see the light of day.

    THE STRIPLas Vegas PD Detectives Elvis Ford and Jesse Weir resigned from the force (actually, Elvis was kicked off) when their lieutenant wouldn't back them up on a bogus slot machine bust involving undercover FBI. They are approached by Caesar's Palace owner Cameron Greene, who hires them on as troubleshooters (with the accent on "shooter") to help protect his interests and his customers.
    DVD CHANCES: Possible since it was created by the team who created SmallvilleDVD CHANCES:
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    Here are a couple of shows I remember watching on TBS as a kid in the 70s:

    Gigglesnort Hotel - This was a puppet show that took place in a hotel owned by a senile ship's captain or admiral who thought the building was a ship. An actor played the desk clerk, but the rest of the cast was puppets. I can't remember too much more that, except that I watched whenever it was on.

    Spectreman - A Japanese live action show that was a mishmash of Superman and Godzilla. Main character was a guy (might have been an alien) who would run outside, stick his hand up in the air, and would be struck by a beam from an alien spaceship, transforming him into Spectreman, a superhero who wore a golden helmet. One of his powers was the ability to grow to Godzilla size. Had a catchy theme song, if I remember correctly.

    I remember watching "Battle of the Planets" around this same time and was delighted to discover it was available under the name of "Gatchaman."

    Anybody else remember these old shows?
  4. MarkBirds

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  5. Tory

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    link doesn't work but I copied and pasted, I've been there before, glad he upgraded to DVD, he is the copyright holder for Gigglesnort, these are legit. This is the only way he can get it out to those that want it.
  6. FrancisP

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    Switch: Aired on CBS and Owned By Universal:
    This was basically a tv version of The Sting. Eddie Albert played a retired cop and Robert Wagner played a ex-conman.
    They would solve their cases by creating elaborate cons to nail the bad guy. In the opener, they nailed a crooked cop by convincing him that he's deep in debt at the casino, thus forcing him to commit another robbery.
    DVD chances: Slim to none. Unfortunatly Universal
    has a huge catalog. Even though the show lasted 3 seasons,
    I don't believe it's the type of title that they would take a chance on.

    Bret Maverick: Aired by NBC and owned by Warner
    Updated the character by having him settle in Sweetwater.
    The best episodes were the ones where Maverick was running a con on someone. Interesting note was that had the show gone to a second season, Bret would have gone back to his roots by leaving Sweetwater and traveling from town to town.
    Huggins had planned to recreate Maverick as it was originally done. The ratings were good enough for a second season, but infighting among the show's producers caused
    NBC to cancel the show after only 1 season.
    DVD Chances: Slim to none. Apparently Warner is not
    willing to release the original series except for a 2 show dvd. I don't see them having the eillingness to release this.

    When Things Were Rotten was aired by ABC
    Comedy based on Robin Hood starring Dick Gautier, Dick Van Paten, and Bernie Kopel. Each week Robin and his merry men would hilariously outwit the sheriff and his stupid assistant. Unfortunately it was very shortlived. Given the failure of this and Police Squad, I guess shows can be too funny to tv. I wish Mel Brooks had incorporated some of this
    show in his Robin Hood comedy. Men In Tights.For a sample,
    to send a message by pigeon, you tie the message to the pigeon. Then you put the stamp on and deposit the pigeon in the mailbox and put up the flag. Furnished castles have dens complete with lions.
    DVD Chances:
    Slim to none. Unfortunately it is probably too obscure to
    be released on dvd.
  7. JohnS

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    John Steffens
    My Secret Idenity
    You Can't Do That on Television
    Electric Company-but I heard this was announced????

    Parker Lewis Can't Loose
    Incredibly Strange Film Show
  8. michael_ks

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    "T.H.E. Cat" (Nice to see this one getting mentioned. A superb series starring Robert Loggia as a reformed cat burglar. Lasted just one season with around 30 episodes.)

    "Redigo" (Obscure western--1 season only, I believe.)

    "The Men from Shiloh" (Lasted one season, but was basically a transition from the 1962-70 "Virginian" series. Features an outstanding title sequence with Ennio Morricone main theme.)

    "The Green Hornet" (Certainly not obscure, but there were only 26 episodes.)

    "The Loner" (Features Rod Serling's crisp, thoughtful writing for a disillusioned former Civil War vet, roaming the West. The thinking man's western, possibly the best western since "Have Gun Will Travel". One season.)

    "The Rebel" (Similar to above and featuring the highly underrated acting talent of Nick Adams. Lasted two seasons.)

    "The New People" (Very obscure Rod Serling series, conceived a year or so before "Night Gallery". Concerns airline crash victims trying to forge a society on an un-inhabited island. One of the very few 45 minute series in existence. Did not last the season--there were only 17 episodes.)

    "Journey to the Unknown" (17 episodes only. A very Underappreciated thriller/science fiction series from 1968.)
  9. Bill>Moore

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    Mar 28, 2003
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    Great to hear that's being released! Always thought that was a hilarious show!!

    Adding to the list:

    Supercarrier - aired on ABC from March 6, '88 through May 14, '88. A whopping total of nine episodes, it also fits in the "obscure" category. Not exactly mind blowing stories or character development, but it had some good aircraft carrier action.
  10. george kaplan

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    This is somewhat off-topic, but seems like a good place to ask given the readers of this thread.

    I'm trying to remember the name of a show that is both obscure and short-lived.

    It was most likely a 70s show, though there's a very small chance it could have been late 60s or early 80s, but almost certainly mid to late 70s.

    I remember very little except the basic premise. It's about a group of people who live in a (I think relatively primative) society, and they end up going on an adventure and discover they're actually on board a spaceship. That's it, all I remember, but I'd love to be able to put a name to this show. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Mark_Wilson

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    Nowhere Man is coming to dvd. See tvshowsondvd.com. I have a great fan made set WITH Producer commentary.

    Thriller (1960) the complete series is out in UK as is Season 1 of The Invisible Man.

    Are you sure Brisco County was available from Columbia House? Maybe VHS but not DVD.

    Tales of the Gold Monkey sounds great! Surprised I never heard of it before.

    VR5 was available on VHS.
  12. Linda Thompson

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    Apr 4, 2004
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    Yippee!!! [​IMG]
  13. LizH

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    May 2, 2004
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    I'm sure it'll come out eventually (The show/film franchise has a HUGE cult following.)

    My wish list:

    * Birds of Prey (Natch [​IMG] )

    * Street Hawk (80's action-adventure show; think "Knight Rider" on a motorcycle.)

    * Jennifer Slept Here (Obscure 80's sitcom; starred Ann Jillian as a ghost.)

    * Max Headroom
  14. Rob P S

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    More short-lived 70's and 80's shows:

    The Betty White Show
    On Our Own
    We've Got Each Other
    The Tony Randall Show
    Holmes & Yoyo
    Blansky's Beauties
    Who's Watching the Kids
    Mr. T and Tina
    Baby I'm Back
    The Ropers
    Ball Four
    The Associates
    The Bad News Bears
    Love, Sidney
    The Two of Us
    Whiz Kids
  15. Kevin/M

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    Jan 18, 2005
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    Surely not EVERY Show on this list suffers form LEgal/Music PRoblems (The "No 1." Cause for TV Shows being withheld on DVd). There has to be a flip side of the coin , Studios who either don't know thatg they own certain shows on this list, or don't care. (Look at how Madia Blasters had to license Invader Zim from PAramount, becuase they weren't going to relase that cartoon on DVD. Last Time I checked, there were no music rights issues tying up a release of IZ)
  16. ElijahS

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    Some of these shows, while I'm sure that they have their fans (well, obviously - that's why they're listed here!) might not be commercially viable for the studios. Should they let smaller studios release them, though? Absolutely. Will they do it under any risk that the show ends up being wildly popular? Most likely, no. Fox is an exception, and even Touchstone/Buena Vista to a certain degree.
  17. TonyD

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    Disney World and Universal Florida
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    Tony D.
    i would like to see, Hot L Baltimore.

    "The very bizarre happenings in the lives of the residents of the seedy Hotel Baltimore. Despite their disparate backgrounds and ethnicities, these neighbors became one anothers' families. George and Gordon were middle-aged gay lovers, Suzy and April were prostitutes, Mr. Morse was a grouchy old man, Jackie was a young tomboy, Mrs. Bellotti was an eccentric woman with a never-seen psychotic son Moose who once glued himself to the ceiling, and Charles was a wise black man. Bill was the hotel's desk clerk, and Clifford its young manager."

    James Cromwell .... Bill Lewis
    Richard Masur.... Clifford Ainsley
    Conchata Ferrell.... April Green
    Al Freeman Jr..... Charles Bingham
    Jeannie Linero.... Suzy Marta Rocket
    Gloria LeRoy.... Millie
    Robin Wilson.... Jackie
    Stan Gottlieb.... Mr. Morse
    Lee Bergere.... George
    Henry Calvert.... Gordon
    Charlotte Rae.... Mrs. Bellotti
  18. Jim Beaver

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    Oct 9, 2003
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    Thanks everyone. There's a great list of shows posted! Wouldn't it be cool if someone who had some influence read this thread and actually started putting these shows on DVD? Ahh we can dream can't we.

    I have a Part II that I'm still working on, I would have included more but I was so burned on from trying to collect info on these shows I just took a break. Most of the shows I listed I hadn't seen the first time around and was amazed how cool they sounded so some of the shows I originally planned to do took a backseat.

    Tory I have to give you a special mention because some of the shows you posted sound damn cool. Especially Johnny Bago, I loved Peter Dobson in The Frighteners and this show sounds unique.

    Here's a few of the shows that will appear in Part II

    *Adventures Of Brisco County Jr* - Holy Grail For Some
    *Birds Of Prey* - Holy Grail For Some
    John Doe
    Line Of Fire
    Leap Years
    The Visitor
    The Highwayman
    U.C. Undercover
    Jennifer Slept Here
    Square Pegs (For Dane)
    Garbage Pail Kids

    And Others
  19. Gregory V

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    Mar 15, 2004
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    Pistols n Petticoats
    The Brian Keith Show
    The Mothers in Law
    Here Come The Brides
    Love, American Style
    He & She
    The Nancy Walker Show
    Carter Country
    Barefoot in the Park (1970)
    Bob 1992-93
    The Burns & Allen Show
    The Jack Benny Show
  20. Brett*H

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    May 31, 2005
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    Honey West-1965-30 episodes

    Dan August-1970-26 episodes

    Bridget Loves Bernie-1972-24 episodes

    Diana-1973-13 episodes

    Dirty Sally(Gunsmoke spin-off)-1974-13 episodes

    Apples Way-1974-24 episodes

    Matt Helm-1975-13 episodes

    What Really Happened to the Class of '65?-1977-13 episodes

    The Powers of Matthew Star-1982-22 episodes

    Tucker's Witch-1982-12 episodes

    Manimal-1983-9 episodes

    Cover Up-1984-24 episodes

    Young Hercules-1998-1 season of 50 episodes

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