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A List of Every New Christmas TV Movie 2022 140 of Them (1 Viewer)


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Jul 31, 2003
Per TVline:

Descriptions at TVline with above link.

Noel Next Door (Hallmark Channel, Oct. 21)
Destined at Christmas (GAC Family, Oct. 22)
We Need a Little Christmas (Hallmark M&M, Oct. 22)
We Wish You a Married Christmas (Hallmark Channel, Oct. 22)
A Kismet Christmas (Hallmark Channel, Oct. 23)
A Cozy Christmas Inn (Hallmark Channel, Oct. 28)
Catering Christmas (GAC Family, Oct. 29)
Christmas Bedtime Stories (Hallmark M&M, Oct. 29)
Jolly Good Christmas (Hallmark Channel, Oct. 29)
Ghosts of Christmas Always (Hallmark Channel, Oct. 30)

A Wesley Christmas (BET+, Nov. 3)
A Magical Christmas Village (Hallmark Channel, Nov. 4)
Unperfect Christmas Wish (UPtv, Nov. 4)
Christmas in the Pines (UPtv, Nov. 5)
Lights, Camera, Christmas! (Hallmark Channel, Nov. 5)
A Maple Valley Christmas (Hallmark M&M, Nov. 5)
Merry Swissmas (Lifetime, Nov. 5)
A Royal Christmas on Ice (GAC Family, Nov. 5)
All Saints Christmas (Hallmark Channel, Nov. 6)
Christmas Masquerade (UPtv, Nov. 6)
Love at the Christmas Contest (GAC Family, Nov. 6)
Well Suited for Christmas (Lifetime, Nov. 6)
Christmas on Mistletoe Lake (Lifetime, Nov. 10)
Falling for Christmas (Netflix, Nov. 10)
The First Noelle (BET+, Nov. 10)
A Christmas Open House (Discovery+, Nov. 11)
The Christmas Retreat (UPtv, Nov. 11)
Designing Christmas (Discovery+, Nov. 11)
The Dog Days of Christmas (Lifetime, Nov. 11)
A Gingerbread Christmas (Discovery+, Nov. 11)
In Merry Measure (Hallmark Channel, Nov. 11)
One Delicious Christmas (Discovery+, Nov. 11)
A Merry Christmas Wish (GAC Family, Nov. 12)
Our Italian Christmas Memories (Hallmark M&M, Nov. 12)
Reindeer Games Homecoming (Lifetime, Nov. 12)
The Royal Nanny (Hallmark Channel, Nov. 12)
A Tiny Home Christmas (UPtv, Nov. 12)
My Best Friend’s Christmas (GAC Family, Nov. 13)
Christmas at the Golden Dragon (Hallmark Channel, Nov. 13)
The Picture of Christmas (UPtv, Nov. 13)
Six Degrees of Santa (Lifetime, Nov. 13)
Christmas Party Crashers (BET+, Nov. 17)
A Christmas Story Christmas (HBO Max, Nov. 17)
Christmas With You (Netflix, Nov. 17)
Sweet Navidad (Lifetime, Nov. 17)
A Country Christmas Harmony (Lifetime, Nov. 18)
Inventing the Christmas Prince (Hallmark Channel, Nov. 18)
Spirited (Apple TV+, Nov. 18)
Christmas at Pine Valley (GAC Family, Nov. 19)
The Holiday Switch (UPtv, Nov. 19)
Long Lost Christmas (Hallmark M&M, Nov. 19)
Santa Bootcamp (Lifetime, Nov. 19)
Three Wise Men and a Baby (Hallmark Channel, Nov. 19)
The Case of the Christmas Diamond (ION, Nov. 20)
Christmas Lucky Charm (UPtv, Nov. 20)
My Favorite Christmas Tree (GAC Family, Nov. 20)
A Show-Stopping Christmas (Lifetime, Nov. 20)
A Waltons Thanksgiving (The CW, Nov. 20)
When I Think of Christmas (Hallmark Channel, Nov. 20)
Baking All the Way (Lifetime, Nov. 24)
Christmas at the Greenbrier (Fox Nation, Nov. 24)
The Christmas Clapback (BET+, Nov. 24)
A Christmas Mystery (HBO Max, Nov. 24)
Holiday Harmony (HBO Max, Nov. 24)
Holiday Hideaway (BET+, Nov. 24)
The Noel Diary (Netflix, Nov. 24)
My Southern Family Christmas (Hallmark Channel, Nov. 24)
The Sound of Christmas (BET+, Nov. 24)
Christmas at the Drive-In (GAC Family, Nov. 25)
#Xmas (Hallmark Channel, Nov. 25)
A Royal Corgi Christmas (Hallmark Channel, Nov. 25)
Steppin’ Into the Holiday (Lifetime, Nov. 25)
Faith Heist: A Christmas Caper (Bounce, Nov. 26)
Haul Out the Holly (Hallmark Channel, Nov. 26)
I’m Glad It’s Christmas (GAC Family, Nov. 26)
A Tale of Two Christmases (Hallmark Channel, Nov. 26)
Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas (Hallmark M&M, Nov. 26)
The 12 Days of Christmas Eve (Lifetime, Nov. 26)
Candace Cameron Bure Presents: A Christmas… Present (GAC Family, Nov. 27)
A Christmas Cookie Catastrophe (Hallmark Channel, Nov. 27)
A Christmas Spark (Lifetime, Nov. 27)
Country Roads Christmas (Fox Nation, Nov. 27)
Dognapped: Hound for the Holidays (ION, Nov. 27)
A Holiday Spectacular (Hallmark Channel, Nov. 27)

A Hollywood Christmas (HBO Max, Dec. 1)
Rolling Into Christmas (BET+, Dec. 1)
Serving Up the Holidays (Lifetime, Dec. 1)
A Big Fat Family Christmas (Hallmark Channel, Dec. 2)
Christmas in the Wilds (UPtv, Dec. 2)
Cloudy With a Chance of Christmas (Lifetime, Dec. 2)
Scrooge: A Christmas Carol (Netflix, Dec. 2)
Christmas on Candy Cane Lane (GAC Family, Dec. 3)
Christmas on the Slopes (UPtv, Dec. 3)
The Great Holiday Bake War (OWN, Dec. 3)
A Fabled Holiday (Hallmark Channel, Dec. 3)
The Holiday Stocking (Hallmark M&M, Dec. 3)
A New Orleans Noel (Lifetime, Dec. 3)
B&B Merry (GAC Family, Dec. 4)
Christmas in Wolf Creek (Fox Nation, Dec. 4; UPtv, Dec. 25)
Christmas on the Rocks (UPtv, Dec. 4)
Fit for Christmas (CBS, Dec. 4)
Merry Textmas (Lifetime, Dec. 4)
The Search for Secret Santa (ION, Dec. 4)
Undercover Holiday (Hallmark Channel, Dec. 4)
A Miracle Before Christmas (BET+, Dec. 8)
Scentsational Christmas (Lifetime, Dec. 8)
Big Box Christmas (GAC Family, Dec. 9)
A Recipe for Joy (Lifetime, Dec. 9)
Something from Tiffany’s (Prime Video, Dec. 9)
It’s a Wonderful Binge (Hulu, Dec. 9)
The Most Colorful Time of the Year (Hallmark Channel, Dec. 9)
Christmas Class Reunion (Hallmark Channel, Dec. 10)
A Christmas Fumble (OWN, Dec. 10)
The Gift of Peace (Hallmark M&M, Dec. 10)
Kirk Franklin’s The Night Before Christmas (Lifetime, Dec. 10)
A Prince for the Holidays (GAC Family, Dec. 10)
A Royal Christmas Match (UPtv, Dec. 10)
A Belgian Chocolate Christmas (GAC Family, Dec. 11)
Christmas in Rockwell (Fox Nation, Dec. 11)
The Holiday Sitter (Hallmark Channel, Dec. 11)
Must Love Christmas (CBS, Dec. 11)
A Prince and Pauper Christmas (ION, Dec. 11)
Santa’s Got Style (UPtv, Dec. 11)
Single and Ready to Jingle (Lifetime, Dec. 11)
A Blackjack Christmas (BET+, Dec. 15)
Record Breaking Christmas (Lifetime, Dec. 15)
A Christmas to Treasure (Lifetime, Dec. 16)
Holiday Heritage (Hallmark Channel, Dec. 16)
A Brush With Christmas Romance (GAC Family, Dec. 17)
Five More Minutes: Moments Like These (Hallmark M&M, Dec. 17)
The Holiday Dating Guide (Lifetime, Dec. 17)
Sappy Holiday (UPtv, Dec. 17)
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (Hallmark Channel, Dec. 17)
The Art of Christmas (GAC Family, Dec. 18)
Hanukkah on Rye (Hallmark Channel, Dec. 18)
A Vintage Christmas (UPtv, Dec. 18)
When Christmas Was Young (CBS, Dec. 18)
Wrapped Up in Love (Lifetime, Dec. 18)
A Christmas Gift (BET+, Dec. 22)
The Snowball Effect (UPtv, Dec. 24)

Dolly Parton’s Magic Mountain Christmas (NBC, December)


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Jul 17, 2022
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It's gonna be Freeform's 25 days of christmas and Little women 1994 movie version It's A Wonderful Life and The Shop Around The Corner.but The Santa Clause trilogy.it would be great.

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