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May 22, 1999
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I've collected Twilight Time Blu-rays since you started up seven or eight years ago, and have almost never been disappointed with their quality and special features, especially your commentaries and liner notes. You and Nick and Brian certainly built an amazing business model out of little but your love of classic movies. Most of us cannot come close to achieving this sort of enterprise, and while you were probably walking a financial tightrope most of the time, you were able to bring to us movies that you love and wanted to make available to collectors, most of them ones we would never have on our shelves if not for the three of you.

The sad elephant in the room now is Nick's passing, and, as much as we all "loved" Nick the way people can love others whom they've never met, we'll never feel the loss in the way you did and do. After listening to him on so many audio tracks, I really do feel as though I've met him. I watched BRING ME THE HEAD OF ALFREDO GARCIA again last night, and it was just so comforting, somehow, to hear his gentle, Brit-accented voice guiding us through so much information. I only realized a year or two ago that he had recorded commentaries for several releases that did not even come from TT. But the best of his talks were the ones he shared with you. The two of you had such obvious chemistry, sort of like Morning Joe and Mika. I am glad you (and we) had as many years with him as you had.

We all miss the monthly TT announcements which so often revealed gems we never thought we'd see on disc. But carrying on with the business now must be very difficult. Please know that, if you decide, and are able, to carry on with your wonderful label at some point in the future, we will be there to support you.

With great respect and admiration, Rick, HTF member.
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Jul 26, 2012
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Louis Helman
Thank you, Dick, for beautifully stating what many of us here at HTF feel about Nick, Julie, and Twilight Time.

It has been such a pleasure to own and watch these wonderfully remastered titles on Blu-ray, to read Julie's insightful liner notes, and to listen to Julie and Nick's entertaining commentary tracks for many of those titles.

We can only imagine the difficult time it's been for Julie and fellow TT business partner Brian Jamieson during these months since Nick's untimely passing, but we hope they will eventually decide to continue the tradition of releasing fine and worthy films in the Blu-ray format. Our thoughts and best wishes are with them.

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Sep 30, 2001
Julie Kirgo will be doing the commentary on Flicker Alley's restored Trapped blu ray. I stand to be corrected but apparently she is no longer part of the Twilight Time company based on comments in another thread.


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Jun 22, 2010
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Bravo. Julie Kirgo is outstanding and we miss her. She actually gives interesting behind the scenes production information as well as background on the actors and artists involved in the production. Kino's latest bunch of commentators seem to just give us psychoanalysis and social commentary on what the film means and leave off any comment on major actors and players in the production.

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