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a heads up on the new blockbuster late return policy (1 Viewer)

antanio dall

Mar 28, 2003
just so people know they are starting a new system on late returns.
previously you needed to return it by noon, but there is an approximate 2 hour leeway in the computer system.
so if it was checked in the comp at 1 or 130 it still wasnt late.

now the new check in times are as follows.

first the drop boxes are emptied at 10 am and movies are checked into the system.

next the drop boxes are checked at noon and the movies again are checked into the system.

but the difference now is that they will not check the drop boxes again for the day until 5 pm.
so anything put into a drop box between noon and 5 pm will not be checked into the system.

another thing you may want to do is ask the clerk to check that the right movie is in the case. because they are no longer allowed to do that on their own.

supposed to make the checkout process quicker.:thumbsdown:

Qui-Gon John

Senior HTF Member
Oct 2, 2000
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John Co
I started giving my returns to the clerk to scan in when I am up at the counter.

They should have a self-check in box, inside the store. You go in with your return, scan it under a bar code scanner, (like some stores have for prices) and then drop it in the box, like a great big mailbox. Their security system should prevent people from scanning them back in and then leaving the store with them. And this way you don't have to wait for a clerk who's busy with customers, (or busy on the phone chit-chatting with whoever the f*ck, as I have seen happen many times).

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