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A good strategy for FINISHING all these games... (1 Viewer)

Chris Rock

Supporting Actor
Jan 10, 2001
Argh! Since getting a new PC, I've gotten several really good games. Jedi Knight 2, Dungeon Siege, Serious Sam 2, Soldier of Fortune 2, and GTA3. These games will take an average of 20-30 hours to finish (so I hear), and I'm a little frustrated because I'm less than 1/2 done with any of them. And that's only the Single Player modes of the above mentioned games. I could spend weeks playing MP games with most of those titles.

What do some of you do to finish some of the great games you have? Do any of you cheat? (I've found myself using "give health" and "give ammo" quite a bit, in order to get through some tricky spots in JK2, for instance.) Do you spend long sessions with your games? Do you lock yourselves in a room for a weekend? I live in Sunny Florida, and it's hard to stay indoors all the time (at least when it's below 90 degrees).

What am I gonna do when Warcraft 3 finally comes out? My poor XBox and PS2 are getting lonely. I'll have to quit my job when XBox goes online....


Second Unit
Mar 25, 2001
Ah, well there you go, that's your problem. If you lived in Canada you would have all winter to finish these games (when there isn't any hockey on TV of course). :)
Seriously, I find concentrating on one game all the way through to the end is the only way I ever finish anything. If I try to split time I end up getting halfway through everything and all the way through nothing.

Eric Samonte

Mar 31, 1999
Well....that is one the reasons I buy only one game at a time. If I get a bunch, I never seem to finish them off.
Right now, I'm into JD2. I already have MOHAA and AVP2 on the way but I don't think I'll even be installing those yet.

Romier S

Senior HTF Member
Sep 2, 1999
I do what I like to call "marathon gaming". I usually have games in "queue" believe it or not. What I do is select the 2 games that I most want to complete. I alternate between those 2 for a certain amount of time until they are both complete. It breaks things up by having the 2 to alternate between but it allows me to keep pace with the storylines and what I'm doing with little confusion. Once I finish those 2 I move on to the next 2.

Now there are exceptions. At times there will be a game that enthralls me so much I have to play it until I finish it with no distractions (examples: Halo, Jet Set Radio Future, Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil). The rest of the time I stick to the formula above.

Also I dont count my online RPG's (Dark Age, Anarchy Online) since they are what I consider "freebies". I can play them when I want and without distractions.

Rob Varto

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Mar 5, 2000
Im with Eric... I only buy one game at a time. I play it until completion and then I completely remove it from my hard drive and move on to something else. I try to get about 6 hours per week in gaming.. it takes a long time that way, but if I can sneak a full afternoon in on the weekend, I do that too.


Senior HTF Member
Feb 27, 2001
I play a couple games at a time, currently its WWIIOnline(my current constant), replaying RalliSport Challenge, and working on finishing Resident Evil.

Graeme Clark

Senior HTF Member
Jan 5, 2000
I'm thinking of making a list. Then I can see the progress I make and feel a sense of occomplishment when I can check one off.

My main problem is that I'll go in gaming spurts where it's the only thing I want to do, and then won't want to do it much at all.

I also spend way too much time wishing I could play a game that looks cool (probably more than i actually spend playing it in the end). Right now it's C&C: Generals.

Nathan A

Second Unit
Mar 3, 2001
i might be the worst person ever about not finishing games. between my saturn, dreamcast, PS1, PS2, N64, gamecube and GBA i probably have around 150+ games that i've clocked in less than 3 hours on each. not that they were boring or bad (learned to stop buying bad games when i was 16...got tired of kicking myself for wasting my money), i just don't have the time. so about a year ago i decided that instead of buying every game i know i'll like that gets good reviews, i buy only ones that i've been anticipating ever since i heard they were making it. even now there's not enough time...

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