A Fish Called Wanda

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    I had forgotten how funny this movie was. Yes, I rented it and just finished watching it!
    Nice picture quality(with film print dust everywhere) and pretty good mono sound. I am dissapointed that the DVD has no features except for a theatrical trailer and a "screensaver" (why on a DVD???). I kind of wish BB could start giving the booklets in the cases with the DVD, but I guess J6P or someone else would lose it. [​IMG]
    Anyway I looked at the full-frame (open matte) and WS versions of the film and I like the WS of course. Of course there is some confusion here. There are about 3 shots of John Cleese and the people who stumble in to find him naked in that scene (Chapter 22 I belive). On the first shot he is taking off his briefs and then the family comes in. The thing that confuses me is that he wears pants in the 3rd (and probably the 2nd as well) but we see a bit of his bottom on the first shot. It really kind of confuses me because well... Maybe he was wearing something on the front on the first shot or something like that.
    Oh well I wouldn't be worrying about this if MGM didn't include the P&S version and I didn't know what open matte was.
    I'll just remember that the way you are supposed to look at it is John Cleese is taking his clothes off and then the family who owns the house stumbles in and even the children look at him (in the front! I wonder how the children felt even though they probably didn't see it) so he covers his privates with a picture and explains. [​IMG] A favorite scene!!!
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    The problem is only on the Full Screen. There is no problem with the Widescreen which is the original theater presentation.
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    Yeah, in the properly composed OAR version, the shot of him wearing shorts is matted over and, as intended, cannot be seen.
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