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Robert Harris

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Feb 8, 1999
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Robert Harris
Ever think to yourself...

"If I'd only known..."

Not to be a pig about it, if only I'd known what would happen to Shakespeare's Second Folio (forget the first), and I had someone - a family member, trusted friend - who could hold onto and pass down possibly a half dozen copies of that second when it was published in 1632.

That's what came across my mind when I received the new 4k of Antoine Fugue's 2001 Training Day, not in black standard issue 4k packaging, but rather - apparently due to an ordering error - in a Blu-ray package.

Think of stamps and C3a.

While I make no guarantees of investment quality, we all know that some stalwart sellers on eBay will shortly be hawking the "Rare" 4k First Edition of Training Day in Blu-ray clothing for hundred or thousands of dollars.

Once you open it, the value is gone, but if you decide to stick with it, you'll still know that it's 4k by the attractive slip cover, emblazoned with the WB100 logo, which actually goes beautifully with the plastic of the Blu-ray packaging.

That aside, Training Day in 4k is another beautiful (well, almost beautiful) 4k from Warner Bros.

Here's where it gets a tiny bit interesting. Shot on film, the opening logos and Main Title have a soft image, which may tell us that they were somehow digitally derived in low-resolution.

On top of that the lettering has stair-stepping that quite evident. Just a bit odd.

Once you arrive at production footage, the film appears to be an EK print, with grain, black levels and everything that goes with them firmly in place.

It's a beautifully rendered 4k release.

The audio mix, originally in DTS/DD and SDDS, is now massaged a bit and has been issued at Dolby Atmos, and it sound great, with room-filling sound.

A quality film, and a terrific 4k UHD release.

Image – 5 (HDR)

Audio – 5 (Dolby Atmos)

Pass / Fail – Pass

Plays nicely with projectors - Yes

Makes use of and works well in 4k - 4.5

Upgrade from Blu-ray - Yes

Highly Recommended


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Dave Moritz

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Jul 7, 2001
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Dave Moritz
I ordered this movie without seeing this post so when I started going through my order which had 8 movies in total. I got to the Training Day disc to see the blu-ray case. Without looking at it any further I returned it because I honestly thought I got a regular bluray and not the 4K disc I paid for. Well the replacement arrived quickly and same thing but I looked it over and opened it but found the 4K disc inside. Am going to risk ordering another one to leave unopened and if it ever gains value that would be great otherwise I will have two copies, lol. Since I opened the one I have now I might just put it in a black 4K case but will think about it for awhile. Once the seller figures out there was a mistake with the case the price may just jump up.


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