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Feb 8, 1999
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Henry Hathaway began his career in 1917, and worked his way up from props, to assistant director (The Ten Commandments - 1923), mostly at Paramount as a second unit director, finally getting his stripes in 1932.

He was one of a rare breed, early on being exposed to two-color Technicolor on Redskin (1929).

His early films of note are Now and Forever (1934), The Lives of a Bengal Lancer and Peter Ibbetson (both 1935).

Directing The Trail of the Lonesome Pine in 1935, released early in '36, put him on new turf. Trail was the first 3-strip to shoot on locations, and one of only five Technicolor productions released that year.

The year previous, there was one - Becky Sharp.

While the film isn't one of those classics that stands the test of time, the main interest here is Technicolor, which appears to be derived from a recombine to Eastman without dealing with registration of dupe shots.

Consequently, the main titles, and dupes throughout are heavily mis-registered.

But the main body of the film serves as an idea of what the first outdoor production looked like back when it was shot in 1935, with reasonable quality intact.

The film will also be of interest to those collecting the complete Henry Fonda, Fred MacMurray, or Fuzzy Knight.

As to Mr. Fonda, he was, along with Tyrone Power, and Errol Flynn, one of the main go-to actors for Technicolor productions between 1935 and the dawn of Eastman c. 1953-54.

Trail of the Lonesome Pine - 1936
Wings of the Morning - 1937
Jesse James - 1939
Drums Along the Mohawk - 1939
The Return of Frank James - 1940
Chad Hanna - 1940

Compare that to other actors from the era.

A Paramount film released via Universal.

Image – 3.75

Audio – 4

Pass / Fail – Pass

Upgrade from DVD – Yes



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