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Robert Harris

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Feb 8, 1999
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Preston Sturges began his film career as a writer, working on some top projects.

In 1940, he took over the director's chair with The Great McGinty, and ended with The French, They Are a Funny Race in 1955.

But between 1940 and 1949, he created some of our great classics.

Ten titles, total.

Here's how it breaks down, as far as availability:

The Great McGinty - 1940 - Paramount - Blu-ray - Kino

Christmas in July - 1940 - Paramount - Blu-ray - Kino

The Lady Eve - 1941- Paramount - Blu-ray - Criterion

Sullivan's Travels - 1941 - Paramount - Blu-ray - Criterion

The Palm Beach Story - 1942 - Paramount - Blu-ray - Criterion

The Miracle of Morgan's Creek - 1944 - Paramount - DVD - Paramount

Hail the Conquering Hero - 1944 - Paramount - DVD

The Great Moment - 1944 - Paramount - Blu-ray - Kino

The Sin of Harold Diddlebock - 1947 - Independent

Unfaithfully Yours - 1948 - Fox - DVD - Criterion

Which tells us that there are still several to make their way to Blu-ray.

As to Kino's The Great Moment, it's an odd choice for a man whose best works were satire, but as part of his overall career it works.

The Blu-ray is an unfortunate affair, derived from a Universal master of the Paramount production.

Odd grain structure, blown-out highlights, a bit of wear and tear... it's not a pretty picture, and I'm presuming it's derived from an old DVD master from the previous century.

Pleased to have it, nonetheless, but...

Aeons ago, I was having breakfast at my hotel in L.A. Only three tables in use. Quiet morning. At one, Robert Mitchum was having a meeting. I was breaking fast alone, and at the next table Eddie Bracken was doing the same, having just arrived.

I invited him to join me, and was glad that I did. Great stories about working with Mr. Sturges. And a sweet and intelligent gentleman.

Image – 3

Audio – 4

Pass / Fail – Fail

Upgrade from DVD - No

Up-rez to 4k - Best not to.

Recommended (it's all we've got)



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