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Robert Harris

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Feb 8, 1999
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Robert Harris
There are some moments in Universal's HD-DVD of The Bone Collector that I find technically appealing, among them an especially interesting transition. There is also a sequence that has me wondering what I'm watching.

About 34 minutes into the film, actors step out of an elevator and into the mid-afternoon light of NYC. Dean Semler's cinematography is stellar throughout, but for some unknown reason in this one sequence, the color has been modified in post to appear night-like, low in contrast, and just plain unpleasant. There may be an artistic rationale for this, but I don't see it.

As for the film, although it received middling reviews, I found it to be a quality police investigative thriller, with superb performances by the ever professional Denzel Washington, with great support from Angelina Jolie in a role that allows her to show her abilities as co-star.

I'm very pleased with this HD release, as once again, Universal has delivered a product that looks like film.

Blacks and colors (with the exception of the one sequence noted) are extremely natural, with superb shadow detail, which is of importance to this particular production.

Software has currently reached a state, especially when derived from 2k files, that I've begun to miss the cinema look, by which I mean an occasional tiny bit of positive or negative dirt. Dirt shows up beautifully in HD.

My comments re: dirt are not meant as a complaint. I'm referring to possibly 15 occurences over two hours, which is nothing. For me, it gives the product a natural look.

The Bone Collector is a quality thriller that comes Recommended as an HD-DVD.


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