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Robert Harris

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Feb 8, 1999
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Robert Harris
I'm betting that Table 19 sounded great in its pitch session.

"Remember that scene in Animal House? The one where the nerds and undesirables are introduced to one another at the fraternity rush? And then the brother walks away, and just leaves them there as a group? And they all get the idea that maybe they don't fit in?

Well, take that great scene, and turn it into a shortish feature film, let's say somewhere between 85 and 90 minutes, so we can get in more shows a day, and and kind of merge it with Bridesmaids.

Universal took in almost three hundred million on that! Ten times their budget!

We can do our film for a lot less -- definitely under ten, and it'll do over a hundred world-wide."

If Jeffrey Blitz' Table 19 was the result of that pitch, at least it got made. Everyone received coin of the realm for their efforts.

And for the record, there is one funny recurring bit, concerning Lisa Kudrow's jacket, but otherwise, the film comes off as an extended sit-com episode.

All of the tech credits are fine, inclusive of Ben Richardson's camera work, which is the basis of a beautifully rendered Blu-ray release from Fox.

Audio, in DTS-HD MA 5.1 services the subject well.

Director Blitz has brought in some of his cast members from The Office to add comedic charm, advancing Anna Kendrick's occasionally confused bovine expressions, which she seems to have inherited from Doris Day.

For the record, I think Ms Kendrick is a terrific talent and enjoy her work. Just not here. Was she asked to join the cast on the basis of her work in Mike and Dave...?

We've all probably been stuck at a Table 19 at some affair, and have wondered what we might have done to our hosts to be placed there. Here's your chance to relive that episode in your life, should you choose to do so.

Image - 5

Audio - 5 (DTS-HD MA 5.1)

4k Up-rez - 5

Pass / Fail - Pass

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May 6, 2015
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[...]We've all probably been stuck at a Table 19 at some affair, and have wondered what we might have done to our hosts to be placed there.[...]
Its nice to know that I am no longer alone with such experiences. Mine was a wedding. My Table 19 was far from my peers on the opposite end of the reception hall. I was separated from the flock. Seated to my right, a recent widow. I was 55 and she was 70. Instead of a festive occasion, I was the listener and crying shoulder to a complete stranger. Allegedly, it was a compliment to me, as the bride's mother thought that the widow might enjoy my company. Of course, no one had my considerations in mind, at all; just hers. Make no mistakes here, I was patient, attentive and kind; but it made for a very long evening to which little escape was offered; not even by the other stranger to my left, who was an unobservant analyst.:huh:
The following year, I received another wedding invitation from the same group.
Respectfully, upon the reply card, I checked off the box "Regrets"; to which, in truth, I had none.:cool:
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