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Robert Harris

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Feb 8, 1999
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Robert Harris
I watched Paramount's new HD-DVD of M:I:III this evening, followed by a sampling of Warren Beatty's Reds, which I'll view in its entirety shortly. I've seen Reds many times.

Both are beautifully rendered HD discs, but with purposes and designs so different, that they could not be more opposite in intent.

M:I:III is a blockbuster cinematic roller-coaster ride; loud; quickly paced, brightly hued with deep contrast, and a full-bore intent toward action.

While watching a helicopter chase early in the film, I started thinking about Alec Guinness as Little Dorritt, and how the two films were so absurdly different.

M:I:III will sell a massive number of HD and BD discs, and services the new format well. As a representation of the film, it does the job beautifully.

If loud popcorn cinema is the call of the evening, M:I:III will fill the bill nicely, as Paramount has created yet another superb disc.

Reds is a totally different concept of cinema.

Intelligent, historically-minded, beautifully acted and crafted in every possible way, bringing Academy Awards to Mr. Beatty for Direction, Ms. Stapleton for Supporting Actress, and to one of the greatest cinematographers of our age, Vittorio Storaro for his work behind the camera. In addition the film garnered 9 nominations.

Epic in sweep, and yet with the personal ethic of a Lean film as it molds the history of the era with those of the on-screen "witnesses," and also with the personal relationship of John Reed and Louise Bryant, Reds is a film that has and will continue to stand the test of time.

This is one of the great films of the 1980s, and deserves a place in every serious collection of cinematic works.

M:I:III comes Recommended as great fun.

Reds come Extremely Highly Recommended as superior filmmaking, brilliantly transported to HD-DVD by Paramount. Reds is a keeper.



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Sep 9, 2005
about 60 plus people have reviewed Reds on Amazon

At least 90% gave the movie 5 stars

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