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Robert Harris

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Feb 8, 1999
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Robert Harris
For those unfamiliar with the unusual career of Laird Cregar, time to Bone up. No pun intended.

A Fox contract player the early to mid-1940s-- a large gentleman, and a quality actor, who desired to be a leading man, which ultimately seemed to lead to his demise, at age 30.

He appeared in about a dozen films, Hangover Square, being his last, released a couple of months after his death.

Co-stars are Linda Darnell and George Sanders.

Hangover Square follows on the heels of The Lodger, also directed by John Brahm.

One of the major features of this film, that highlights the importance of the work performed to bring it back to close to it's original condition, is the magnificent cinematography by Joseph LaShelle.

If you're a fan of noir, this is a must purchase, especially as Kino Lorber's Blu-ray, based on the work performed by Fox, shows it in a wonderful light.

For those with a bent toward film scores, this one is by someone named Herrmann.

Image - 4.5

Audio - 5

4k Up-rez - 4.75

Pass / Fail - Pass

Upgrade from DVD - Absolutely

Highly Recommended

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Feb 28, 2012
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A Fox contract player the early to mid-1940s-- a large gentleman, and a quality actor, who desired to be a leading man, which ultimately seemed to lead to his demise, at age 30.

Laird Cregar was a terrific actor.
On Amazon's page for Hangover Square I saw this posted by drkhimxz:

"In only a half decade in films, Laird Cregar had made his mark as one of the most effective character actors on screen. Shortly before his death in 1944, he appeared at the 20th Century Fox New York City showcase theater, The Roxy, as part of the stage show (movie and vaudeville was still the bill at all showcase outlets). I remember clearly seeing him there, although all I can precisely recall of the appearance was his doing a cartwheel, a quite unexpected feat from a man whose weight often approached the 300 pound level. As one can see in this film, his last, he is quite a bit thinner than in his preceding vehicles, such as the hit, 'The Lodger' or the very effective,' I Wake Up Screaming'. He is said to have lost 100 pounds prior to its making. It was released a few months after his death of a heart attack at age 31....."


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Dec 13, 2006
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Laird Cregar was indeed a good actor and an imposing screen presence. His work in Blood And Sand should also be noted alongside his truly sinister performance in I Wake Up Screaming.

Nevertheless, as a dedicated fan of Linda Darnell, may I remind everyone that her performance in Hangover Square is magnificent and makes a major contribution to the film. Anyone wishing to get the full measure of Miss Darnell's talent should compare her work in this film with her very contrasting performance in Blood And Sand, and then move on to A Letter To Three Wives and No Way Out . . . . .


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Feb 22, 2012
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mark gross
This is a magnificently lit and photographed movie but I was holding off ordering it, as the masters that Kino has been releasing from Fox have been a bit erratic. But when they're good, like THE MARK OF ZORRO, boy are they good! Anyway, very glad to hear we have another sterling example of Joseph LaShelle's mastery of light and shadow.

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