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Robert Harris

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Feb 8, 1999
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Fritz Lang: The Silent Films is an interesting re-packaging by Kino Classics.

They've created a quality assortment of Mr. Lang's best silent works, inclusive of one written, but not directed by the master filmmaker, by bringing together nine titles previously available on Blu-ray via the Kino label...

The Spiders (two parts) 1919 and 1920
Destiny - 1921
Dr. Mabuse, The Gambler - 1922
The Nibelungen - Siegfried and Kriemhild's Revenge - 1924
Metropolis - 1927
Spies - 1928
Woman in the Moon - 1929

and added four more, previously available, but not on Blu-ray...

The Plague of Florence - 1919
Harakiri - 1919
The Wandering Shadow - 1920
Four Around the Woman - 1921

One would presume that anyone with an interesting in either the silent cinema, or the early works of Mr. Lang,
would have already acquired the majority of the first list of films, especially Metropolis and The Nibelungen.

So it really all comes down to those who either have not acquired the early Lang works, or desire to own the four additional on Blu-ray.

Quality varies, and interestingly, one of the earliest, Plague, has among the best imagery, while Harakiri, which appears to be derived from an older standard definition transfer, which is now running on Blu-ray, is probably the worst.

For those who don't have the major titles, the set is currently at a street of $94 on Amazon, vs. $117 for single releases, which gives you the new four titles as a bonus.

A collection of extremely important films, with some in superior condition, and states of restoration.

Image - n/a

Audio - n/a

4k Up-rez - n/a

Pass / Fail - Pass

Highly Recommended


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