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Robert Crawford

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Dec 9, 1998
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In the realm of comic book films, this manifests mostly as the "DC vs Marvel" nonsense. When Batman v Superman got slammed by critics (and many, many viewers), the people that liked it claimed that it was because the Marvel fans who hated everything DC were on the warpath. Because they thought it was a terrific movie, no one in their right mind could possibly not like it, so the dismissal of it had to be the result of some "agenda" that had nothing to do with the value of the film itself. To the point where they were (literally!) accusing Disney of bribing critics to badmouth the DC films in order to make the Marvel ones look better.

The fact that the DC and Marvel films never directly competed with each other at the box office seemed lost on them. It was more likely that a Marvel Studios film would be competing with a "Marvel film" from another studio. In fact, BvS was gone from theaters by the time Civil War came out, while Civil War was still in theaters when Fox's X-Men: Apocalypse was released.

I suspect that, like so many things in life, some people see it as a zero-sum game. If you and they have a different opinion, both of you can't be "right". So they see you advancing a different opinion as essentially saying that theirs is "wrong", which they take personally. Opinions aren't supposed to be right or wrong, but as we see time and time again, a lot of people seem to confuse opinions with facts.
Or some people are simply "assholes" that can't stand it, when somebody else has a different POV from themselves. The lack of respect and tolerance for contrary opinions is out of control in today's society.

Colin Jacobson

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Apr 19, 2000
I loved it, but I completely understand why some people don't. When my review of it went live, I got a little bit of flack on social media for the fact that I enjoyed it, which is something that I've never understood. Why on earth would you give someone a hard time for liking anything, regardless of how you may feel about it personally? I'm happy when anyone is a fan of anything, regardless of my own opinions. I'm not a fan of the Star Wars prequels, but if someone wants to make a spirited defense of Attack of the Clones, more power to them, and I'm not going to rain on their parade. Why does it make some people unhappy that other people are happy? I just don't get that.

This was my favorite comment;

"An A-? Says more about his taste than the movie."

That might not be the silliest thing ever said, but it's up there. Any rating, of any kind, for any movie, is a matter of taste. The fact that this person apparently didn't like it says more about his taste than the movie. Anyone's opinion says nothing but about their own taste. I'm not sure where people got the idea in their head that their opinions are objective. There's no such thing as an "objective opinion." Funny thing is, of course, that they always seem to think that their own opinions are objective, while that of others is subjective. That's absurdly solipsistic.

Sorry for the rant. Pet peeve of mine. I loved Eternals, but I'm perfectly okay with the fact that RAH and others didn't. I loathed Halloween Kills, but I'm delighted that other people enjoyed it, even if I didn't. We need to stop demanding uniformity to our own feelings. Vive la différence.

Methinks some - not all or most, but some - of the antagonism toward "Eternals" stems from the anti-pro-diversity brigade.

Capt D McMars

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Aug 2, 2011
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Todd Doc Sigmier
I’m going to keep my order but I’d be happy to share my thoughts when it arrives if you want to postpone yours until after it’s gotten a real world test drive.
it all seemed like it was too drawn out, to much backstory, and not enough real timeline forward movement for me. It was all introducing characters and setting up for the next movie. Iron Man 3 was better than this!!!
I could see if you were a big fan of the comic book series, good on ya...but that was not me.
They tried to make Dune, and ended up with this...

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