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Robert Harris

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Feb 8, 1999
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Robert Harris
Everyone's favorite dinner guest, Dexter Morgan, has been with us now for awhile. Going on 7 seasons.

The Showtime series is shot in HD, and once again with Season 6, the Blu-ray presentation outshines that seen in broadcast.

Detail is high, with superb color, shadow detail, and little or no perceptible downside. Just a great looking Blu-ray.

Now here's where it gets interesting.

I noted that the audio is Dolby True HD, which one sees less than the DTS variant, and it was my perception that both Dolby and DTS in their lossless formats where equal to one another.

But I did a bit or research and it appears that my perception would be incorrect.

Here's what I've come up with, and incidentally, it doesn't pertain to Dexter, but it does to other programming.

The two audio systems seem very similar, and it's doubtful that one would hear a difference. Lossless is lossless.

Except where it comes to 7.1 programming, and this is where the difference seems to come into play.

From what I'm gathering, if one is running 5.1 in a home theater, from a 7.1 disc, and playing back a Dolby True HD track, what you hear is discreet 5.1. If you're equipped for 7.1, you get discreet 7.1.

Not so for DTS.

If you're running 5.1 from a 7.1 disc, the audio is not discreet, but rather is folded down and derived from the 7.1 mix.

An interesting anomaly, which would have me seeking out true 7.1 on Dolby, especially if I were currently running 5.1

If I have this incorrect, I'm certain someone will come up with further discussion, but I found it very interesting.

Great series, which in its sixth season is one dark pleasure after the next, with a ending that will raise the hair at the back of your neck. No spoilers, please.

Highly Recommended.



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Mar 10, 2012
Vancouver, B.C.
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David Matychuk
I think "Dexter"'s sort-of-unlikely enjoyability is based on the time-tested T.V. storytelling concept (I first saw it articulated in reference to "The Rockford Files" by Stephen J. Cannell) that the viewing audience will forgive a lot of flaws in your central character, as long as that character is really good at what they do.


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Jan 4, 2003
Tulsa, Oklahoma
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I did not care for season 5. I could not believe some of the things they asked me to buy.
So, i have skipped season 6. I did not want to tarnish seasons 1-4. From what i read, the ending of season 6 is the only part you really need to know.
Part of the fun of the first 4 seasons was how careful he had to be, so he did not get caught. Now, he throws caution to the wind more than he used to, and that is fine, but come on! The guy would not even show up for work (after he came back to work) and no one asks what are you up too?
It teeters on shark jumping for season 5, and i hear 6 is more of the same.
If i am wrong, i will check it out. I just hate to follow a show that has overstayed its welcome.

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