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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Robert Harris, May 12, 2005.

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    Robert Harris
    I've been watching quite a number of Tyrone Power films lately. My personal favorites have always been The Mark of Zorro, The Long Gray Line and I'll Never Forget You. The two former are available currently on DVD.

    A superb actor, who began his film career as an early teen, Mr. Power was quickly moved from one production to the next via his Fox contract. He was originally billed as Tyrone Power, Jr., as his father also acted in film from 1914 until his final performance in The Big Trail in 1930.

    Nightmare Alley was his thirtieth film, produced when he was still in his early thirties. He continued to act until his untimely passing at only forty-five, during the production of Solomon and Sheba. That would have been fifty films in twenty-nine years, with time out during WWII to serve in the military.

    Known for his boyish, good looks and charm, his turn in Nightmare Alley took him into totally new and untested turf, and turned out to be one of his finest performances.

    In most simplistic of forms, Fox used Mr. Power as their answer to Warner Brother's Errol Flynn, and while his performances were always elegant and believable, Mr. Flynn was a unique commodity.

    There are few films that fit the "Noir" ethic more perfectly than Nightmare Alley, which is being offered as part of the second group of noir offerings from Fox, along with House of Bamboo and The Street with No Name.

    Fox probably has more noir product than any of the other studios, which means that their continuing release of product in quality form is welcome.

    Fox's Nightmare Alley comes extremely highly recommended.
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    Nightmare Alley is my most anticipated title from the upcoming second wave Noir series and one that I've been waiting to see released on DVd for years. I'm really looking forward to this!
  3. Mark VH

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    May 2, 2005
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    Your thoughts again are most appreciated. Few things make me happier than the release of more classic noir on DVD, and so I've been overjoyed that Fox has decided to give it their own label (with spine numbers and everything!). I wish Universal would get around to releasing more titles under their own noir banner - the first crop was wonderful (despite the lack of Double Indemnity which, as it goes without saying, NEEDS to be released and soon).

    But in your discussion of Tyrone power, why no mention of Witness for the Prosecution? For me, it's got one of Power's most delicious performances, and I'd argue that he was never better than in that final sequence, easily one of the greatest twist endings in movie history.

    Regardless, thanks again. Can't wait for Nightmare Alley.
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    Likewise!! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Perry L William

    Jan 25, 2005
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    {Fox probably has more noir product than any of the other studios, which means that their continuing release of product in quality form is welcome.}

    I Thought RKO had produced more "noir films" than all the major studios. I simply can't wait for RKO/Warner Bros. to release Robert Ryan's films, specifically "On Dangerous Ground" and "The Racket".
  6. Joe Caps

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    Nightmare alley is a great film and Power is wonderful in it. Mr. Harris, you make mymouth water with the mention of I'll Never Forget You - a favorite film and one I don't have on vid. The film hasn't been broadcast in at least 25 years.
  7. Russell G

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    Ohhh man! I haven't had a chance to watch the FIRST wave yet!! I still can't wait to get these though, and it's always nice to have the RAH seal of approval!

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